Saturn/Neptune and Bird Flu – the panic arrives on schedule

I have to admit I was skeptical when astrologers predicted that the opposition of Saturn and Neptune would bring with it a deadly flu pandemic. The planets rarely act as they are expected to perform, and this was too easy a connection to make. Phil Brown looked past the obvious when

While many claim that the Saturn-Neptune opposition is “it,” this is only part of the developing picture. I believe that mundane Saturn-Neptune configurations can often symbolize trance states which sweep through culture.

Is the Saturn/Neptune effect the bird flu itself, or the panic that results in a fugue state where the mass consciousness takes over? Saturn and Neptune are moving closer to their opposition point at the end of February and suddenly bird flu is in the news again. The first death from bird flu in humans just occurred in , and an outbreak in birds in the UK resulted in the killing of thousands of turkeys (humans are not expected to be endangered). Japan just announced an outbreak of bird flu as well. As if there wasn’t enough other news to generate fear, panic on this issue is increasingly peddled in the world press.

Unfortunately, this may result in the “boy who cried wolf” syndrome and if a dangerous situation truly does erupt the rest of us won’t believe it.

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February Skywatch and planetary news this week

After four days of wrangling with the web hosts who had no idea why I couldn’t upload to my site, the February skywatch article is finally posted!! I’m now including a comprehensive list of the major planetary aspects and events as well. Here’s an excerpt for this week:

The major aspects for February are the first phase of the conflict between Jupiter and Uranus in the square which occurred in January but will remain in effect through the end of the month, and the approaching second phase of the opposition between Saturn and Neptune. The Jupiter/Uranus combination can be potentially explosive – because this is a challenging aspect (the square), we tend to see the more negative manifestation of both planets. In Jupiter we see a reckless overconfidence and tendency towards self-righteousness, and Uranus is similarly reckless with a desire for change for its own sake and at any cost. This event has brought with it problems with communication and equipment similar to a Mercury retrograde period, and this could be exacerbated when Mercury turns retrograde on the 13th of February.

The opposition between Saturn and Neptune is a long range cycle that began last August and will conclude next summer, and we are entering the second phase now as we move towards the second opposition at the end of the month. Saturn lives in the material world and urges us to build on terra firma, while Neptune lives in the spiritual realm and calls us with a siren song to abandon terra firma for the abode of the divine. This opposition creates a tension between the material world and the spiritual that can be somewhat destabilizing, particularly for those of us with planets in the fixed signs of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio […]

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An astrological tribute to Molly Ivins, the Radical Virgo

Although I was a fan of Molly Ivins for years, it wasn’t until the Bush administration that her biting yet hilarious wit became a must-read for anyone skeptical of the Bush presidency. Ivins was celebrated for her unconventional and unabashedly liberal views and her passion for life and for her rebellious disdain for those in power.

Click chart to enlarge. Molly Ivins was born with a powerful Virgo influence including the Sun. That will surprise anyone who knows that Virgos are typically shy and modest and dislike the spotlight. However, Molly’s Sun was exactly conjunct Jupiter, the planet that expands and enlarges our perspective. A Jupiter/Sun conjunction indicates someone who is bigger than life, who approaches every aspect of her life in a big way. Rarely do these people do anything in moderation, and there is an expansion (Jupiter) of the ego (Sun) which affords a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. Jupiter confers a strong sense of mission and someone with this planetary combination often feels they have been personally chosen to accomplish this mission.

This Sun/Jupiter conjunction is in conflict with (squares) the planet Uranus. Uranus is the rebel, the revolutionary. Uranus flaunts convention and can be unpredictable and erratic. When in a difficult aspect to the Sun, there is an almost relentless pressure to overturn the status quo and effect change for the simple sake of change. The addition of Jupiter here simply increases this tendency to “go off the deep end.” However, with Jupiter and Uranus there is a deep-rooted desire for justice and equality and the Sun adds the energy to fulfill the mission. From the beginning of […]

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Saturn/Neptune: Deflating the illusion

Work entitled “Alchemy” at Mamtaart.com

I don’t see how the American public could have been convinced by the Bush White House that the threat from global warming was political, but there certainly is no escaping the reality now according to (and thousands of other news articles):

Global warming is “very likely” caused by man, meaning more than 90 percent certain. That’s the strongest expression of certainty to date from the panel.

_If nothing is done to change current emissions patterns of greenhouse gases, global temperature could increase as much as 11 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100.

_But if the world does get greenhouse gas emissions under control _ something scientists say they hope can be done _ the best estimate is about 3 degrees Fahrenheit.

_Sea levels are projected to rise 7 to 23 inches by the end of the century. Add another 4 to 8 inches if recent, surprising melting of polar ice sheets continues.

Neptune inspires us towards a connection with the divine, but it also can confuse and delude us. The polarization of Saturn as a reality check against the dreamy naivete of Neptune forces us to confront areas in our lives where we have been deceived or confused, or where we have been avoiding the truth. The debacle that is the Iraq War, which began as such a romantic notion for many people, is also revealed now in its most horrific form as a catalyst for social breakdown that is likely to spread throughout the middle east as Islamic factions begin to war against each other as we are seeing in Iraq and among the Palestinians.

On a personal level, if our eyes are open to our own truth […]

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Goodbye Molly Ivins

as well as I could:

Molly Ivins can’t do that, can she?

Alas, she can. Molly Ivins died far too soon [yesterday] at the age of sixty-two.

I’m not sure if we could have made it through the last six years without Molly Ivins’ passion and humor. For all that she, as a Texan, knew long before most Americans what they were getting when they allowed George W. Bush to assume the presidency, she never succumbed to despair, instead deciding to fight the Bush junta with her best weapon — humor.

There really isn’t anything I can say that can illustrate what we lost today, so I’ll just let Molly Ivins speak for herself one last time:

We are the people who run this country. We are the deciders. And every single day, every single one of us needs to step outside and take some action to help stop this war. Raise hell. Think of something to make the ridiculous look ridiculous. Make our troops know we’re for them and trying to get them out of there. Hit the streets to protest Bush’s proposed surge. If you can, go to the peace march in Washington on Jan. 27. We need people in the streets, banging pots and pans and demanding, “Stop it, now!”

If we won’t do it for ourselves, and we won’t do it for the generations to come, then for God’s sake let’s do it for Molly. It’s the least we can do after all she did for us.

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