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Meanwhile here’s what you need to know about the first week in December, along with a synopsis of December’s major events.


In December 2011 and January 2012 we will continue to see a relatively quiet planetary weather pattern. Jupiter and Uranus are highlighted now since they both change direction in December and they have both slowed down to a crawl in preparation of their direct turn. For most of December Uranus is at 0 degrees Aries and Jupiter at 0 degrees Taurus which puts them in an inconjunct aspect – a challenging aspect that creates friction without providing a release. In some ways this can be more difficult than a square aspect in which there is a resulting outer conflict that comes to a resolution, but it tends to be more of an irritation than a conflagration. Jupiter and Uranus both want change and neither tend to be satisfied with the status quo, so there is a great deal of pressure to shift now out of patterns that have become calcified and no longer fit.

During the first week of December Jupiter is approaching a harmonious sextile to Chiron which opens the door to healing and understanding that will help us to navigate through the challenges presented to us by the minor planets in early December. This is the second phase of a cycle that began in July, and because Jupiter is stationary right now and Chiron is also moving slowly having just changed direction in November, the two will be in a sextile formation until this cycle ends in February. Jupiter helps to facilitate the healing of wounds that Chiron inspires, opening opportunities and doorways for that healing to penetrate into the core of our being. This is a very positive aspect, but like all Jupiter events it will require that we pay attention so that we can use the opportunities that are provided to us.

Because most of December’s planetary interactions involve the fast-moving planets, these phases last only a few days at the most. The faster planetary cycles can provide needed stimulation and trigger us to move in and out of changes that may be occurring in our personal lives due to planetary interactions with our natal planets.

Mercury has been traveling retrograde since November 25th and will turn direct on December 13th.


December begins with an alignment from Venus to Pluto. Venus rules relationships, but also values and assets, and with Venus in the highly disciplined sign of Capricorn we are likely feeling very responsible to those around us. Pluto brings intensification and powerful experiences, so our relationships are likely to feel that force and power struggles can be the result. Pluto demands authenticity and truth, so for a day or two we will need to strip ourselves of any artifice that keeps us from engaging directly. Venus is also involved with finance, and as I write this on November 30 we are already seeing some rocking and rolling in the stock market that is likely to continue for the first few days of December.

The Sagittarius Sun and Mercury are lining up to form a square to Mars in Virgo on December 2. This cycle lasts only few days but can bring ego issues to the forefront to be dealt with and can make communication more difficult. Challenging aspects involving Mars carry a huge amount of energy that we can channel physically to improve our ability to temper emotion with wisdom, but they also tap into areas where we may feel frustrated or powerless. Identifying these areas will go along way in helping us to gain empowerment under this transit. This period is not favorable for negotiations of any kind since tempers can be short under this influence.

Fortunately a trine from Venus to Mars on the 5th will smooth out the rough edges of the more challenging Mars period. Venus seeks connection with others and Mars desires satisfaction of our individual needs, so this harmonious aspect brings out the best of both planets, making it easier to balance our interactions without sacrificing our own needs. And the sextile from Jupiter to Chiron discussed at the beginning of this article culminates on the 6th, further facilitating the healing of our interpersonal relationships but also of our own soul wounds.

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