Israel, Palestine, and the Scapegoat Theory

MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSIsrael is continuing its attacks in the Gaza strip for the third day today, striking at a security  compound, a mosque, a university, and a network of smugglers’ tunnels, Israel was apparently reacting to rocket strikes by Hamas forces, but the cycle of violence is all too familiar.  Israel reacts with overwhelming force, attempting to squelch the power of the Palestinian military capabilities and restrict the freedom of the Palestinian people to move about the territory.  The Palestinian military wing, Hamas in the current situation, reacts with calls for more suicide attacks on civilians in Israel.  Israel says there will be no peace talks until attacks by Hamas end, and Israel continues to expand its settlements into Palestinian territories.  Meanwhile, rage against Israel and the West in the surrounding Arab nations continues to grow.

Whatever side of this argument you are on, there is no denying that neither side wants peace.  They are locked in a battle that has no end – a battle where the lines are blurred between victim and perpetrator.

I’m just finishing an interesting book by Liz Greene entitled There is a chapter on the scapegoat pattern as a psychological complex.  In the story of the scapegoat, the ancient Hebrews sent a goat, designated as the carrier of the sins of the collective, into the wilderness to perish and thereby save the collective from punishment.  The story of the Christ as the sacrificial lamb who perished for the sins of the collective perhaps comes from the original scapegoat tale.  In any case, the scapegoat dynamic depends on the presence of both a victim and the one who represents the collective establishment and inflicts the punishment.  Ms. Greene calls that individual the perpetrator.

So with the scapegoat dynamic we have both a perpetrator and a victim, and that dynamic becomes internalized within the individual.  Some people suffer terrible abuse and never go on to abuse others, but for some the cycle of victim/perpetrator becomes internalized and the one who is abused becomes the perpetrator him/herself.

I see this quite plainly in the Israeli/Palestinian situation.  The modern nation of Israel was established to rescue the victims of the Holocaust, but in order to establish the nation, the fledgling Israeli nation had to fight with the local Arabs in order to expand Israeli territory.  Now the victim (Israel) becomes the perpetrator.  The Palestinians become the victims, not only of Israeli expansion but also in the refusal of neighboring Arab nations to permit them to enter these countries as refugees.  At first, Palestinian violence against Israel was mainly intended to help Palestinians return to their homes, but later as the collective rage against Israel grew, this violence became more generalized.  Now the Palestinians are also the perpetrators.  At the same time, Israel is portrayed as a victim against the aggression of Lebanon and Iran.  So both the Israelis and Palestinians are locked in a cycle of victim/perpetrator that has no end.

Just as the scapegoat for the ancient Hebrews served the purpose of expiating the sins of the collective, the scapegoat psychological complex serves a purpose in a family or a greater collective.  Many dysfunctional families contain a scapegoat such as the black sheep, or the bad child, who carries the “sins” of the family so that the rest of the members can feel that they are the ones who are ok.  Psychologists who work with troubled families report that when the “bad kid” is removed from the family and put in a hospital or reform school, another child in the family “goes bad.”  There must be a goat to carry the sins of the collective, otherwise the collective must face those sins directly and resolve them.

It occurs to me that the unending cycle of violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians provides a scapegoat not only for the nations in the Middle East but for he entire Western world.  The astrology of Israel and Palestine, being virtually identical, ensures that the challenging astrological patterns in each chart is forever locked into the other (see my article for more information on the astrological dynamics of this conflict).

The only way to resolve any destructive psychological pattern is for the individual to recognize that the pattern exists and work with the internal dynamic in a conscious way.  In this situation, both Israel and the Palestinians would have to recognize that they have stepped beyond the role of victim to the role of perpetrator, and work to resolve the cycle internally.  They cannot rely on the world around them that in a subconscious way depends on the scapegoat to carry out the violence for the collective.

With Pluto in Capricorn, perhaps some of this can be brought to light.  The symbol for Capricorn, after all, is the goat.

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  1. Chaya June 26, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    First of all, the modern state of Israel was not established to rescue the victims of the Holocaust. There was no Holocaust back in 1897 When the first Zionist Conference convened in Basle. But even before that there had been single individuals and groups who had returned to the Land during the previous 2,000 years; and also the descendants of those Jews who had never actually left the Land! Many of them today are Muslim Arabs who had been forcibly converted to Islam in the 7th century. For a modern history you can read this:

    If you would like to learn more, please contact me. It is not as simple as you think it is.

  2. Lioness of Judea and Samaria June 27, 2010 at 12:48 am

    “The modern nation of Israel was established to rescue the victims of the Holocaust” OH really? Then, where the heck did Abraham, Sarah, and the rest of the Hebrews live? In Costa Rica?

    It was established to rescue the victims of the Holocaust? What are you kidding me? The Germans and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem were in cahoots….they were no Jews allowed into “Palestine” during the Holocaust. Heck, they weren’t even legally allowed in until 1948, until Israel was declared a State. When the ships coming from war-torn Europe with those poor half-dead, emaciated Jewish victims of the worst genocide in modern history, and they desperately wanted to dock in Haifa, but instead they were ordered to Cyprus and the Jews were put in detention camps run by the British on Cyprus. And, by the way, the British were in cahoots with the Grand Mufti, as well. Hence, ships like the Exodus were threatened with being blown up should they attempt to dock in the Holy Land. Honey, where are you getting your information from?

    While the modern nation of Israel most likely had been established as a Sovereign Nation in 1948 because of world’s “guilt” in being complicit in the death of 6 million Jews, but by no means was it established to rescue anyone when they needed rescuing, therefore by any means was it established because of the Holocaust. Had it been, 6 million Jews would not been turned to ashes, including my grandfather and scores of my relatives.

    Our people have lived here in Israel for almost 6,000 years. We have ALWAYS been here, even while it was called “Philistina” a name given to ancient Israel by the conquering Romans. It appears you are falling in step with the rest of the “goose-steppers” who wish to rewrite history. Oh, and by the way, if Israel is so “bad” then immediately stop using all your lovely contraptions, such as your computer, cellphone, the Pentium Chip in your computer, and quit using any form of AOL chat, etc….it was Israeli technology that developed all of that. In addition, if you would like some real “Cardinal Drama” come live in Sderot, and have bombs falling on your head still to this day, every day for starters…

    There is no “cycle of violence” that’s just more Hamas/Hizbullah propaganda. Even before there was any issues concerning the 1967 borders the Arabs were slaughtering Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron (Hevron) and in many other parts of British Mandated Palestine, and even before that time, the time of Ottomans, etc. And, what about the almost 1 million Jews that had to leave the Arab countries because of the mistreatment they received in those countries, do you know about the mass hangings of Jews in places like Baghdad, Damascus, etc.? Do you know what a Jiyza tax is? And what about the fact that the Koran states that Jews are descended from pigs and apes? How would you feel if the Koran said the same about Christians, Hindus, Shinto, Buddhists, etc? Yes, some religion of peace, as they want you to believe…but only if you are a fool.

    You are sadly misinformed of the dynamics of Israel/so-called Palestine situation (there was only one Palestine and that was Israel pre-1948 and the Palestinians were Jews. (I’ve seen pre-1948 birth certificates.)

    And, what about the fact that as soon as Israel was “partitioned” she was attacked by her Arab enemies on all sides? So, who fought who, or rather who attacked who? What history books have you been reading?

    I heard your radio show and you couldn’t even utter the word “Israel” you instead said, “Gaza” and that clued me in to go to your Website because I had a feeling as to what I was going to find, and what I found was pure bias, and I was absolutely correct in assuming I would.

    All in all, your “assessment” of our situation has absolutely nothing to do with astrology, or with lunar eclipses, you are merely invoking all this astrological activity as a means of cloaking your biased, blatantly moronic, and transparently anti-Semitic beliefs.

    Despite all the media lies, the still-to-this-day blood libels, and what we term “useful ignorant idiots” like yourself who do the bidding of those who wish us to disappear into the sea, however, to your disappointment, and to the disappointment of those who side with our enemies, we are NOT going anywhere!

    Never Again!