Jupiter square Pluto, Phase II: the Death of Truth

War on Truth Jupiter square PlutoJupiter and Pluto are locked in a battle of wills in the sky right now – the second phase of the challenging square (90 degree) aspect that began last November.

Jupiter and Pluto both have something to do with the idea of truth.  Jupiter, a personal planet,  represents our own individual truth – the philosophies and ideas about truth (theology) that we formulate for ourselves and then share with others in religions or through publishing these ideas.  Pluto, a transformational planet,  is concerned more with Ultimate Truth – a Truth that is beyond any of our individual ideas of what is true, but the real Truth of life and death.

Under this Jupiter/Pluto alignment we have seen an increase in “fake news” – both real and imagined – and an ever decreasing burring of the line between truth and fiction.  Truth  is seen to be a lie, and lies are seen as the truth to the point where Time Magazine’s new issue asks ““?

Under the square between Jupiter and Pluto the President of the United States has declared a war (Pluto) on media (Jupiter) and declares most news (Jupiter) as being lies (Pluto) unless it’s complimentary of him.

A recent “fake news” story about a Hillary Clinton’s involvement in an alleged child sexual abuse ring operating out of a pizza parlor dubbed Pizzagate circulated widely before it was who perpetrated the story.  However, to protest the fact that the so-called scandal was ignored by the media and refused to believe that the story wasn’t true.

Evidence of a War on Truth is everywhere and from viewpoints all across the spectrum:

  • The very definition of “fact” was called into question by the President’s adviser, Kellyanne Conway, and Merriam Webster dictionary found it necessary to
  • finds the War on Truth to be a violation of “God’s prescribed order.”
  • The conservative Center for Research on Globalization finds that of western governments generally.
  • The War on Truth is a “Funeral Pyre for Science” .

The final square formation between Jupiter and Pluto will occur in August 2017.  It’s difficult to imagine where we will go from here – will we ever return to a world in which there is an understandable Truth to which we can all agree?  About anything?

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  1. Candy March 27, 2017 at 1:26 pm - Reply

    What i can say personally is that this is also being seen at work! The “truth” is molded to the needs and whoever speaks the real truth is seen as almost inconvenient! It seems that nowadays people prefer a convenient one.

    • lokasiwisata.info March 28, 2017 at 10:05 am - Reply

      I have Jupiter square Pluto in my own chart (I suppose that should have been disclosed in the article!) and one way this manifests for me is in refusing to believe anyone else’s truth – I have to understand for myself.

  2. Dr. Deb March 27, 2017 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    Just like the article about the girls pulled from the air plane for wearing leggings.

    The Truth: they were flying for free on an employees benefit, and the airline has a dress code that didn’t follow.

    Fake news, lies, includes only telling part of the story.

    Dr. Demartini said “an airplane shakes violently before a sonic boom.”
    Many spiritual teachers say we are moving to a higher vibration. Since we have had much turmoil for the past couple of years, this higher vibration is on our doorstep. I feel it will come this summer. “The final square formation between Jupiter and Pluto will occur in August 2017 ”
    “Pluto, is concerned more with Ultimate Truth – a Truth that is beyond any of our individual ideas of what is true, but the real Truth of life and death.” Seek a higher spiritual level.

    • Lisa Simpson March 30, 2017 at 6:28 pm - Reply

      In this case, Pluto(in Capricorn) told them that they were not presentable enough to ride the airplane with the privilege(Jupiter) they were given.

  3. Silver Gypsy March 28, 2017 at 3:53 am - Reply

    I agree with Candy. I see it everywhere from the police to medical everything to the politicians, to neighbors, so-called “friends” etc. The place is awash in corruption. Totally appalling. I hope this ends soon. I can’t stand it.

    • lokasiwisata.info March 28, 2017 at 10:09 am - Reply

      The planets aren’t creating the problem – the problem is in the people. The planets just bring the problem out into conscious awareness where it is either dealt with, or not. The square between Jupiter and Pluto (this cycle, anyway) will end in November but humans will still be humans. All we can do is find our own peace and our own serenity and then work for change.

      • Dr. Deb March 28, 2017 at 10:45 am - Reply

        This reminds me of the 100th monkey story. Scientists gave monkeys sweet potatoes dropped in the sand. The monkey liked the taste of the raw sweet potatoes, but they found the dirt unpleasant.
        A young female solved the problem by washing the potatoes in a stream. She taught this to her mother and her playmates.

        This was gradually done by various monkeys. Between 1952 and 1958 all the young monkeys learned to wash the sandy sweet potatoes. Other adults kept eating the dirty sweet potatoes.

        In the autumn of 1958, a certain number of monkeys were washing sweet potatoes — the exact number is not known. Let us suppose that one morning there were 99 monkeys who had learned to wash their sweet potatoes. Let’s further suppose that later that day, the 100th monkey learned to wash potatoes.


        By that evening almost everyone in the tribe was washing sweet potatoes before eating them. The added energy of this 100th monkey somehow created an ideological breakthrough!

        • Dr. Deb March 28, 2017 at 10:47 am - Reply

          Moral of the story.

          We can be angry, fearful, and frustrated, OR we can collectively seek a higher spiritual level. When we reach the 100th person, spirituality will rise.

  4. Dr. Deb March 28, 2017 at 11:58 am - Reply

    Our Source Is One of Love, Not Condemnation… When you pay attention to the way you feel, and deliberately choose more thoughts that feel good while you think them, you will begin to recognize the nature of your Broader Non-Physical desires. The majority of negative emotions that you feel are not because the subject of your thought is wrong, but instead, because you are condemning something that your Source does not condemn. Your Source is one of love, not one of condemnation.

    Excerpted from: The Vortex on August 31, 2009

    ****** Source/Spirit does NOT judge a feeling as right or wrong, it just creates more of the feels we have.

  5. Soo Small March 29, 2017 at 3:20 pm - Reply

    What I am finding particularly fascinating is that this battle is also manifesting on the Internet. I am referring to two separate, but connected, puzzles being decoded by the mathematically and cryptographically inclined. They are called Cicada3301 and Tengri137….Tengri137 first appeared in August 2016 and recently surfaced on YouTube on March 2nd. This video [

    ]also appeared in August 2016 and has been connected to the Tengri137 puzzle; it contains a lot of symbology and astrological references. I’d be really interested to know what you think of it?

  6. Dr. Deb March 30, 2017 at 12:41 pm - Reply

    In 1988 a friend created a computer program that was constantly changing the image and colors 24/7. Mathematical equations are intriguing. I use Fibonacci for trading stocks.

    Many spiritual teachers are saying we are moving to a higher level, so these puzzles could be confirming this. All my spiritual friends say the energy is more clear and lighter, which I also feel.

    We can use Astrology to guide us to the next spiritual level.

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