Jupiter/Uranus and Presidential Announcements

The one thing you can expect with a square of Jupiter to Uranus is the unexpected. Jupiter brings expansion and Uranus turns convention on its head and creates surprise, so under this influence it’s possible that none of the current flock of declared candidates (at least a dozen on each side of the aisle) could end up in the running in October when this cycle concludes. Hillary Clinton has of course announced her candidacy, and while I’d love to see a woman president I’m not sure Hillary is the one I’m looking for. Nearly a year ago I profiled Hillary and discussed her second Saturn return which she is still in the middle of, and because Saturn is square to Mercury in her chart her thought process and communication function is also involved in the Saturn square. To complicate matters further, Saturn and Neptune are in their opposition dance and Neptune is involved in this square as well, creating confusion and making it difficult for her to communicate with clarity or to see where her true path lies. Chiron is square her natal Chiron, showing that this is a difficult time for her emotionally, and Chiron is also nearing a square to her Mars/Pluto conjunction that forms the foundation of her very intense drive. These are not the most auspicious transits and indicate some trouble ahead for her campaign. Still, Hillary is tough and she has pulled through worse than this so we can’t discount her yet. The most difficult of the planetary cycles will have completed by August and it’s still very early in the presidential campaign season.

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