Libra New Moon, October 19 2017: Finding balance in the midst of chaos

Libra New Moon(See the end of the post for the geeky astrological details)

The New Moon is the darkest time of the lunar cycle – the time when there is no lunar light. The Sun and Moon are in exact alignment in the sky, at the same degree, and the lunar light is obscured by the Sun. For a brief moment we are suspended in time, and life is full of unrealized potential.

New Moons are famously a time for a new beginning.  A new lunar cycle – a new way of looking at the world.  In Libra, that new beginning takes the form of a new way of seeing all of the different kinds of relationships in our world: relationships between people, polarities of ideas, the spectrum of beliefs.  Under the influence of Libra, every thing is weighed against another in the attempt to find balance and perfect harmony.  Giving and receiving and the sharing of energy becomes more important, and integrating the two into a perfect flow becomes the goal.

This perfect harmony is difficult to achieve in today’s world which is full of accelerated intensity and chaos, and the achievement of equilibrium is made more difficult in this year’s Libra New Moon as a disruptive force applies pressure on both the Sun and Moon, demanding that we get out of our comfortable environments and find a new way that is more authentic and true. And yet Venus, the ruler of this New Moon, is also in the sign of Libra, reminding us that love and beauty are of paramount importance, and what will save this world and ourselves as well.

Still, there is a force of intensity and passion that continues knocking at the soul’s door, demanding to be let in. This force cares nothing for the balance and harmony that Libra seeks to teach; instead it insists on nothing less than absolute truth.  We find ourselves stepping ever deeper into the realm of darkness, and then emerging into the light and learning to balance the two. This process may bring up old wounds and emotions as we learn to clear the psychic debris of the past and emerge into the light with greater harmony and integration.

The New Moon is a perfect time to begin something new.  It is an auspicious time for a new relationship or partnership, and a wonderful time to transform a current relationship into a more balanced connection.  This New Moon asks that we allow the dark and inconvenient truths to emerge into the light, and integrate them into an awakened consciousness, and facilitates the process of moving forwards into an enlightened destiny.

Geeky details:  Jupiter is conjunct Mercury in Scorpio, Mars in Virgo is opposite Chiron, Venus is singleton in Libra.  The New Moon trines the South Node and sextiles the North.

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  1. Dr. Deb October 19, 2017 at 12:22 pm - Reply


    I started my balancing 2 days ago.

    An article said “say affirmations for 17 Seconds a day.”
    I clocked myself and it takes me about 17 seconds to say ” I am happy, healthy, wealthy, and enlightened & I send Love, Joy, and harmony” 2 times, then “I send extra Love, Joy, and Harmony” to my office and bedroom.

    The sun shines on and also in you.

    • Michelle October 20, 2017 at 9:31 pm - Reply

      I love that !

  2. Dr. Deb October 19, 2017 at 1:05 pm - Reply

    I get it… politics, chaos, a polarized world.

    You probably won’t believe this, but I’m as powerless as you when it comes to living other people’s lives.

    On the other hand, you are as powerful as I am when it comes to living your own life. You decide what’s meant to be. You can have anything you want and everything is possible – whether you lean left or right, are in the top or bottom 1%, or read fake news.

    Don’t give away this power waiting to see what happens to the rest of the world, when you can decide what will happen in yours.

    In awe of you,
    The Universe

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