Just one date late, but we can chalk that up to April Fool’s Day. 🙂  I’ve posted the Skywatch article on my website, and you can read it here.

Here’s the introduction to give you an idea of what we’re in for in April! If you’d like to join my mailing list and receive an abridged version of Skywatch that’s translated into English with a minimum of geeky astrology language, just sign up in the sidebar to your right.

They say when March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb, and the same can be said of this astrological period. April begins with lamb-like astrological weather – there is a nice elemental balance with the Sun and Mars both in fire signs, Jupiter in watery Pisces, Mercury and Venus both in Earth, and Saturn, Chiron and Neptune all in air. There are no major problematic aspects to contend with in early April, but as the month progresses Saturn will retrograde back into Virgo and begin to face off against Uranus in Pisces. But more on that later!

Pluto takes center stage this month as it prepares for its retrograde turn on the 7th. Pluto has been at a virtual standstill at 5 degrees Capricorn since early March, and if Pluto is aspecting your own chart you are certainly feeling it now! The intensity of Pluto dredges up old memories, emotions and situations from the past but also helps us to let go of anything that no longer serves our personal growth.

Mercury enters Taurus on the 2nd, and because it will turn retrograde on the 18th it will remain in Taurus for a longer period than the few weeks which it usually takes to travel through a zodiacal sign. In Taurus, the mental function and communication (Mercury) becomes very practical and grounded, with a tendency to want to define firm ideas and ways of thinking about the world we live in. In Taurus, Mercury has an easier time during its retrograde path because there is more introspection and planning than there is when Mercury is in the more active signs.

Venus is active during the first few days of the month. This Taurus Venus is grounded and calm, with a desire for serenity and comfort. It does not want disruption or chaos to disturb the hard-won peace of its inner world, and that helps to bring a greater level of serenity to our interactions with others until later in the month when Venus enters Gemini. Venus trines Ceres on the 2nd, helping us to be more aware of the needs of others and our own inner connections between our emotions and our spirit life.

On the 3rd Venus forms a challenging square to Mars which is presently in Leo. Mars in Leo is very self-oriented, and Venus in Taurus desires peace and comfort so when these two face off there could be some minor conflict for a day or so. However, when Venus makes a harmonious trine to Pluto on the 4th it will become easier to transform (Pluto) any disharmony into positive change and personal transformation. The trine of Mercury to Ceres that day will also help that process as we discover new ways of thinking (Mercury) about the things that are important to us (Ceres).

On the 5th and 6th communication takes center stage. A challenging square from Mercury to Mars on the 5th can energize the mind and help to sharpen our focus and solve problems, but it can also result in arguments and disagreements. Both planets are in fixed signs and a stubborn attachment to personal opinions can make it difficult to compromise. This will be assisted by a trine from Mercury to Pluto on the 6th, and because Pluto also retrogrades that day Pluto is at its most powerful and helps to ease the tension and push through the desired results.

Any time we are dealing with Pluto it’s important to maintain a balance between clarifying our intention for what we want to see happen, and surrender to the powers of the Universe and our higher Self. Pluto empowers us, but it also wants us to be empowered at the highest level and not just from a place of ego. If our desires are not in harmony with the goal of the higher Self, they will not find fruition under Pluto’s influence.

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