Lynn's Skywatch for JulyI’ve posted the Planetary Illuminations for July, and you can read the entire article here.  You can also read the abridged English translation here, and if you would like Skywatch delivered each month in your email box just sign up in the sidebar.

Meanwhile, the last of the eclipse series occurs July 1st so here’s the information on that and the introduction to July:

July begins with the Cancer New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse.  This is the third of an eclipse series that began on June 1st and you can read more about this eclipse here.  Although this is a partial eclipse and therefore weak astronomically, it packs a more powerful punch than it normally would because the conjunction of the Sun and Moon that forms the New Moon alignment engaged Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in a Grand Cross formation.  The Grand Cross locks the three planets and the luminaries (Sun and Moon) in battle that will result in a climax of some kind in order to release the energy buildup that occurs through the square.  The presence of Saturn in the Grand Cross in a nearly exact square to the New Moon ensures that there will be a lesson of some kind to learn; Uranus will inspire that a change be made.  The presence of Pluto empowers us to leave behind anything that no longer serves us.  Resistance to these transformative forces will not only slow down the process of change, but also create unnecessary bumps in the road.

The Cancer New Moon offers us an opportunity to begin anew from a place of deep feeling and emotional sensitivity.  This is easier for some of us than others, but the Cancerian influence provides us with a nurturing well of emotional resources from which to drink. Fortunately there are a number of harmonious aspects that will help us to integrate these energies more easily.  A nice trine from Pluto to Jupiter encourages success and facilitate the larger actions that can help us to make real change.  A trine from Saturn to Mars helps to provide us with the discipline we need to inspire and energize ourselves and others.

Eclipses often serve to unmask behavior patterns that need alteration, and that will be especially true here especially where emotional patterns are concerned.  There is also likely to be an escalation of intense energy due to the challenging alignments that include the electrical Uranus.

Where a few months ago we were in an overabundance of fire energy, we now have a lack of fire represented in the sky.  Fire provides us with the inspiration to act, and without it we may find ourselves left without direction with Mars, the fire planet, still in Gemini where it generates lots of enthusiasm but with no real focus.  This lack of fire will be resolved on July 2nd when Mercury enters the fire sign of Leo and our thoughts and mental processes (Mercury) take on a more energetic means of expression for a few weeks.

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