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Meanwhile, here’s a tidbit to take you into the beginning of September , and here’s a link to the entire article:

Thankfully, the intensity of this summer’s planetary alignments is beginning to lessen as the planets in the early degrees of the cardinal signs begin to separate (if you’re new to Skywatch you might want to read through the June, July and August issues to read more about the cardinal alignments that have inspired so much change and drama).  As September begins, Saturn and Pluto are still within range of their challenging square formation, creating tension and conflict that manifests both internally and externally. But by the end of the month they will be out of range of each other and that will ease the stress considerably.

Still, Pluto is virtually at a standstill now in preparation for its change of direction later in September, so its influence is powerful throughout the month.  Pluto represents the power of destruction and regeneration, forcing us to recognize anything in our life that doesn’t serve our higher purpose.  Pluto will be there to remind us throughout September that even though the intensity of the cardinal alignments is fading, we must still be open to surrender where necessary in order to continue to evolve. Once Pluto turns direct on September 14th we will start to see more movement in our lives.

Once again we find the elements out of balance, with a predominance of air and virtually no water (the only planet in a water element is Uranus which has retrograded back into Pisces, and because Uranus is so dry this is somewhat like negative water).  Water is the element that provides us with a flow and a connection to feelings and emotions, and when water is in short supply and air predominates we have a tendency to stay “in our heads” and be cut off from the heart and the feeling nature.  Of course how greatly you are affected by this will depend on how the elements balance in your own chart.

Chiron and Neptune are still within a degree of each other, and although they will not reach an exact conjunction they are certainly still involved with each other and putting continuous pressure on us to reach deep within the soul (Neptune) in order to pull out any unresolved wounds and hurts (Chiron) that will facilitate our personal evolution and help us to become fully healed beings.  These two spiritual teachers bestow personal wisdom and a sense of balance that can only come from this healing process of the soul.

The only major planetary formation this month is the second phase of the conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus.  These two planets first aligned in May 2010 in Aries; this time they meet in Pisces at the 29th degree.  The 29th degree is an ending of one sign and the beginning of something new, and with both Jupiter and Uranus at the end of Pisces, the end of the zodiac, there is a strong feeling of completion here.  Pisces inspires us to transcend our day-to-day existence and find something more magical…more mystical in our lives, and while Jupiter gives us the confidence and expansive attitudes to accomplish this Uranus provide the mechanism to make the change.  There is great potential here to break out of any boxes in our lives that we find ourselves in but it’s important to align with the truth within us so that we don’t fall into Piscean delusion and illusion.

Uranus tends to be impatient and desire results NOW, and Jupiter expands that tendency even more.  Pisces, however, obscures the facts and forces us to rely on our intuition and messages from Universal Truth, so care must be taken in order to get the most out of this planetary cycle.

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