Lynn’s Skywatch: Planetary Illuminations for August

The August report on planetary excitement is now posted in full on my website here. If you’re on my mailing list you will soon receive your own copy along with a translation into English which is easier to understand.  If you’re NOT on my mailing list, please sign up on my website or in the sidebar of this blog. Here is the overview of major astrological events for the month: August begins with a powerful Full Moon in Aquarius. For more details about the Full Moon please see this article. The emphasis of this Full Moon in fire and air sets the tone for the month as there is very little water to cool us down or earth to ground us. Mercury is retrograde in Leo until August 8th and Uranus has just turned retrograde in Aries and is still moving extremely slowly which intensifies its influence. You can read more about this combination in this blog article, but the combination of Mercury and Uranus retrograde in fire signs suggests a powerful emphasis on mental activity and potential chaos of the mind. The lack of water and earth exacerbates this and means we need to take greater care than usual to ensure that we find internal stabilization and nurturing that are missing with a shortage of water and earth in the planetary alignments. Mercury retrograde periods are always good for things like renewing commitments, retracing our steps, renovating our house or redoing our websites. With the addition of a strong Uranian influence, the revisions and remodeling need to take on an innovative quality so that the change brings in an element that is completely different from our previous experience. It’s helpful to avoid making commitments or signing contracts during retrograde Mercury periods but it’s not always possible. Expecting and being prepared for glitches will also help! By August 8th when Mercury turns direct Venus will have moved into the watery emotional sign of Cancer. Until then the energy is dry and electrical so we will need to take care to provide experiences that ground us and cool our energy field. Uranus is still within a degree of the square to Pluto, so that revolutionary intensity is still very much at work. Both planets are virtually stationary: Uranus will move only a degree during the month and Pluto only about 27 minutes of arc, so their pressure to create transformation through destruction of the status quo (Pluto in Capricorn) and energizing the new (Uranus in Aries) is still quite strong. Otherwise though, there are no outer planet alignments to create stress so we WILL see a slight lessening of the intensity that has marked the earlier part of the summer.

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