Memorial Day Musings

This article has appeared on this blog at least twice before, but I still like it.  I was a college student during the Vietnam war, and in demonstrations and marches against the war we decried the philosophy of our government that killing for peace made sense. On September 11 we were attacked by Osama bin Laden, and 2,646 Americans were killed.

Since then, an estimated 225,000 human beings have become casualties of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am not a pacifist, but I believe in healing. Where there is dysfunction, there is a need for healing that dysfunction. If Americans are hated, perhaps we should find out why. We had a beautiful opportunity in Afghanistan after the attacks of September 11 to go into that country and rebuild it; to drive out the Taliban and capture bin Laden and win the hearts and mind of the people. Instead we took every resource of the US military into a country that did not attack us and that we couldn’t maintain.

Perhaps we could take some of the billions of dollars being spent by military contractors to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan over and over again, and invest in programs in the middle east that would help the people in these countries. This is what Hazbollah has successfully done for years in Lebanon. This is what AlQaeda is trying to do; provide funds and a sense of pride.

Killing for peace has never been a goal that makes sense. In the ’60s, we used to say “Killing for peace is like f*#cking for chastity.” To kill innocent civilians for peace didn’t make sense then and it doesn’t make sense now. On this Memorial Day, let’s remember those that have fallen in the name of ego and finance and pray for wiser leaders, and then vote in that direction!!

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  1. Greg F May 28, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    My sentiments exactly, Lynn! I so wish we hadn’t squandered the good will of the World after 9/11. Even Iran was offering help and intelligence info about Bin Laden. Too bad the Bush’s were business partners with that family…

  2. Cayce June 1, 2012 at 7:44 am

    I will call myself a pacifist. I also believe in a good defense. I DO NOT support bullying offense. I’m a bit younger than you, Lynn and I marched as well. I still march and try in my everyday life to support peace and healing. it’s a journey and a destination(oh, the lovely paradox).
    your insightful posts always give me lots of interesting things to think about(sun/sag, moon/gem, acen/tau). an astrologer friend and I here in georgia enjoy discussing your thoughts at our weekly tea party. keep up the great work!

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