Mercury enters Gemini today

Mercury rules matters of intellect and experience, and rules the sign of Gemini the twins. Its realm is all sorts of communication, and for this reason it rules the media and writers. For the past month or so, Mercury has been traveling through Taurus, which as a fixed earth sign has a tendency to be stubborn and unyielding. While Mercury has been in Taurus, very little has been accomplished in terms of diplomatic negotiations (the UN and Iran, for example), legal cases (the lacrosse rape case in Durham) or Congress (endless arguments over wiretapping and budgetary matters). Mercury’s entry into Gemini should facilitate all kinds of matters requiring communication, since in Gemini Mercury is able to process information much more quickly. Watch for unexpected turns of events as Mercury breaks up patterns it established while in Taurus.

Mercurius in the medieval alchemical language is a symbol of the process of integration. Mercury bridges the gap between opposites and acts as the process to transform lead into gold. It is therefore the perfect translator, the perfect mediator, and something that is desperately needed at this current point in time. On a personal level, the mind is more active – this is a great time to begin new projects as there is a great deal of mental energy available. It’s also a good time for short trips and learning as the mind will want to be busy!

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