mercury retrogradeI knew this would be a tough Mercury Retrograde period when I wrote this post.  With Mercury and Uranus turning retrograde on the same day, we were bound to be in for some surprising (Uranus) twists of fate and weird events and we are certainly seeing that in some corners of the world, especially in the highly charged electrical atmosphere of yesterday’s Full Moon in Aquarius.

  • when the automated system sold all of the stocks the company had purchased that day.
  • in one of the worst blackouts in history. (This disaster is also tied to an Pluto in Capricorn due to the inadequate infrastructure (Capricorn) of India’s power grid.
  • It’s often said that Mercury retrograde periods are good for anything that has an “re-” prefix.   to stop the government rather than compromise.
  • Traveling short distances fall under the domain of Mercury and there were two bizarre automobile accidents this week: in one, .  In the other a drive hit the gas instead of the brake and
  • Airplanes are usually connected more to Jupiter because of their ability to travel long distances, but it’s Mercury retrograde news.
  • And I’m not sure how to connect this to Mercury retrograde but it has to make the list of crazy news events:

In my own personal world, this week I have (a) incorrectly scheduled a lunch date with a friend, (b) had a client forget his appointment, (b) scheduled a consultation for Eastern time when the client lived in Central time, (c) scheduled a consult for 11:30 PM instead of AM so it didn’t show up on my morning calendar, (d) had a service contractor attempt to repair something that wasn’t broken instead of something that was.

What’s happening in your world?

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