More on the Fall of Spitzer

Sally McDonald has more:

The crusader of Wall Street, the hero of the little guy, the white knight fighting corporate corruption, Eliot Spitzer has been felled. He was felled by his own sword and his enemies piling on top to make sure he is sliced and diced to death. It wasn’t the far right evangelicals, or the keepers of rigid morals who brought him down, oh no, it was a bank. (Spitzer June 10, 1959 Bronx, NY N/T)

Money, one of the seven deadly sins, not illigal sex, but money. The government had been watching how Eliot had been spending his money. I expect they’ve been watching him since he cut the legs out from under Enron. Course Eliot helped them with his Leo stellium of Venus, Mrs, Moon and Uranus, pushed forward by his Gemini Sun and Mercury. His real problems begin when Pluto opposed his 28 degree Gemini Mercury, bad news being revealed. No question that Spitzer stuck the knife in himself but he isn’t the only politician playing this game, both parties are knee deep in their egos and their pet perversions up to and including those at the top, that however is always kept under wraps. Gee, whatever happened to Jeff Gannon and his sleep overs at the WH. Several houses of prostitution say business is much better at GOP conventions than the Dem conventions.

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