AM on Blogger Happy Thanksgiving dear friends!  It was ten years ago today that my sister helped me start this blog while she was visiting me for Thanksgiving vacation.

As an astrologer, I see the world through the astrological lens and wanted to share that viewpoint with whoever happened to stop by and visit.  At the same time I wanted to demonstrate to a larger audience that astrology is more than so-called “horoscopes” and sun signs.  Over the years so many people have told me that it was my blog that started their path of astrological study, and I can’t tell you how gratifying that is.

For seven or eight years I managed to post nearly every single day – finding interesting news pieces or philosophical ideas to frame within the astrological lens.  Over the past couple of years I have had a more difficult time keeping up the inspiration for that daily writing, and this year for the first time I took long breaks between posts.  I attribute much of this to the fact that I am in the middle of a Very Big Uranus Transit, the kind that happens only every 21 years or so.  It was during the last Very Big Uranus Transit in 1992-3 when I first started writing my monthly planetary column which I then called Skywatch and which is now posted as Planetary Illuminations.  At the time a monthly astrology column which was not a sun sign horoscope column was pretty rare.

Uranus urges us to break free of routines that no longer work for us, and under his influence (he has been virtually stationary sitting right on an already Uranian system in my chart since May and will be there through March) I have been reassessing a lot of things.  Taking a break from writing has helped to clear my head and give me a chance to see what about my writing I want to keep in my life and what it might be time to let go of.

One thing I have realized is that writing this blog was a mental meditation – an hour or two that I gave myself to examine the world through the lens of personal and spiritual development and planetary magic.  I miss that.  So it’s likely you will be seeing more articles from me again, and more consistent writing.

I may be making some changes in how I present the monthly Planetary Illuminations report because after all, there are hundreds of similar reports like it these days.   I’m considering doing a monthly video report instead, or perhaps an audio podcast.  But meanwhile, I’m grateful that you have not given up on this blog and continue to visit!


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