New Moon coming up!

The New Moon in Taurus occurs May 16 at 3:28 pm EST. Taurus craves nothing more than peace and stability, and a square from Neptune to the New Moon suggests that our fantasies and ideals (Neptune) exceed our acquisitive grasp (Moon). Neptune opens up our spirits to the creative force of divine inspiration and brings music and the arts, but the square reveals the possibility for too much of a good thing and the likelihood of losing oneself in one’s imagination. In Taurus we are more easily able to ground our imagination and inspiration into more solid forms of art and life.

New Moons are usually excellent times to begin new projects; in Taurus these new projects will want to satisfy the Taurean longing for beauty in life as well as in possessions and property. The Taurus New Moon centers our focus on abundance and prosperity – fertility and fecundity are emphasized now. This is not a great time for travel or adventure, but rather to bloom where we are planted.

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