Leo New Moon August 2012

Art by Michelle Snyder

by lokasiwisata.info

The past few weeks have been rather challenging with Mars moving through Libra, where it is less than effective, setting off Uranus, Pluto and most recently Saturn.  Because Mars is the planet of drive and aggression, in the sign of Libra it softens and becomes more interested in what others think.  This is a lovely attribute, but it does diminish the strength and power of Mars to assert and dominate.  When Mars can’t find its full expression it acts out in more passive-aggressive or dysfunctional ways, and a high level of frustration can result. You can read more about that here in this earlier post if you missed it.

The New Moon in Leo occurs on the 17th just before noon Eastern time/4 pm GMT, and will actually help to balance the stress that the Mars patterns have created.  The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon conjoin, linking their energies in a new lunar cycle and offering an opportunity for beginning a new phase in our lives.

Leo is the sign that inspires us to express ourselves creatively and to celebrate our own unique individuality.  Under the influence of Leo we are more focused on ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we necessarily are more self-centered.  The Self needs to be expressed under the influence of Leo, and Leo inspires us to make sure that the Self being expressed is our very best Self indeed.  There is a focus on the Individual in Leo rather than the collective, so this New Moon is all about Me and You.

The Leo New Moon harmonizes and rebalances  the conjunction of Mars and Saturn that has been somewhat difficult over the past week.  When the Moon (representing our emotion and intuition) is new, it is actually at its darkest in the sky and it can be more difficult to know exactly how we feel, and when the Moon is in Leo, the sign of the Sun, the conscious Self (represented by the solar energy) is actually more dominant than it would typically be in a lunar event.

The New Moon in Leo is the perfect time to create a vision for personal evolution and transformation.  The connection with Mars (inspiration) and Saturn (goals) helps to stabilize our lunar dreams and make them a reality.

Uranus is still in a square to Pluto, as it will be throughout the fall, so this is no time to fall back to sleep.  We are in an awakening process through 2015, and under the New Moon in Leo we can become the co-creators of our own destinies.

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