Nicolas Cage and the Libra Full Moon

Nicolas Cage was arrested today for assaulting his wife during an argument over which house was their New Orleans rental house.

Mr. Cage is no stranger to tabloid news, having recently lost homes both in New Orleans and Bel Air to foreclosure, was directly affected by the Libra Full Moon which peaks tomorrow and which exactly aspects an aspect between the Libra Moon and Mars in his chart.  That Moon/Mars aspect in his natal chart can be very difficult since the aggressive urge of Mars is constantly irritating the tenderness of the Libra Moon which creates dissonance.  The Full Moon tends to shine a light on our internal emotional world which is why so many people find a heightened intensity in all areas of life at the time of the Full Moon.

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  1. AC April 17, 2011 at 9:12 am

    I’ve been thinking about Libra and how the energy embodied within that sign works within my life. Recently I had Saturn in Libra conjunct my natal Venus in Libra within my 5th house. I learned about balance between parternships of all kinds within my life. During this full moon Saturn is retrograde and the Full Moon in Libra is conjunct my natal Venus all within the 5th house!

    Lynn could you give me any insight to this energy? And how that works? I’ve been thinking alot about romance/love/relationships of all kinds and this heavy Libra energy within my 5th house is obviously trying to teach me something about my partnerships within my life.

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