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Preparing for Saturn in Virgo

By |2007-08-25T12:37:00-04:00August 25th, 2007|Life|

From comes this lovely image that I connected immediately with Saturn’s entry into Virgo next week:

As the Summer’s light begins to fade, the sun rises later each day, and the first harvest festival has come and gone. If we pay attention, we may feel in our bones the ancient rhythms of our ancestors, who knew that the time for storing and preparing for the dormant season was come.

Although we are blessed to have grocery stores and access to virtually unlimited food supplies all year round, we know that the growing season (in much of the Northern Hemisphere) will soon be coming to an end. Now is the time to put up those juicy tomatoes and summer squash, to dry our herb harvests, and to prepare for the barren times.

But how we go about it means everything. If we save and store based on our fears, that fear contaminates us. Hoarding and stinginess can taint our wealth, just as surely as weevils can spoil our larder. I believe our ancestors knew this very well, and they made sure that their preparations for winter’s hunger were centered on gratitude and celebration, not the shadow of doom.

Certainly, they lived in precarious times, with starvation over the winter always a very real possibility. Yet even with death always present, perhaps because of this fact, the harvest times were greeted with glad rituals, feasting, and sharing. Possible disaster was never far away, but their preparations were not panicked. Instead, in a life that was very hard and dangerous, and often cut short early, our predecessors went to great lengths to make sure that every part of the gathering and saving of their abundance was done with intention, gratitude and joy.

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Saturn in Virgo September 2007 – October 2009

By |2007-08-16T11:35:00-04:00August 16th, 2007|Planetary cycles|

perfectionistOn September 2, Saturn moves into Virgo where it will bring its trademark influences of restraint, discipline, structure, disappointment, limitation, and karmic lessons. Saturn has a natural affinity for Virgo and its cautious nature and love of service and work, and Saturn in Virgo periods can be very productive ones.

Saturn is far less compatible with Leo, the fiery sign of ego, leadership and drama. When in Leo, Saturn tends to quash these traits and undermine those who appear to be in control. “Who’s in Charge?” Saturn in Leo asks, and demands that true leadership take the place of empty figureheads.

Saturn takes 2-1/2 years to pass through a sign, implementing its trademark role as the Celestial Taskmaster through the areas that are important to each sign. In Virgo, Saturn’s tests move into in the area of health and service and encourage us to live dutifully and honorably. Saturn in Virgo demands organization and resists impulse, requiring us to live practically and cautiously with a high regard for our own safety and security and that of those around us.

While Saturn is well suited to Virgo’s strong desire for improvement and perfection, it is less comfortable for the other mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces) which prefer a life with more flexible options. As Saturn travels through Virgo it will create problems for those of us with planets in the mutable signs unless we stick to the lesson plan that Saturn requires.

Virgo tends to be a more conservative sign, and with Saturn in Virgo we may see a trend towards conservation that is quieter than Saturn in Leo’s flamboyant “Live Earth” concerts. Oil conservation has been associated with Virgo over the years, and automobiles are likely to become more practical and air […]

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Saturn at the 29th degree: A fiesta of recalls

By |2018-07-15T10:06:03-04:00July 15th, 2010|Life|

Saturn tends to create challenges and shows us where we have to wake up to some cold, hard realities.  As it has traveled through Virgo over the past two and a half years, it’s been bringing up some difficult truths about the healthcare system and in fact our very health itself.  Virgo is associated with health, but also with the mundane details of taking care of life in a body.  Under Saturn in Virgo it was discovered that hormone replacement therapy was actually bad for women.  The cold hard reality of the burgeoning cost and diminishing effectiveness of the healthcare systems around the world has become evident.

Virgo is also associated with perfectionism, work and service, and Saturn’s restriction in Virgo has seen millions of people lose their jobs and have to recreate a new life from scratch.

When a planet is at the 29th degree of a sign it is completing its business there, and as Saturn completes its passage through Virgo there have been a plethora of recalls of all types, as the perfection that Saturn seeks in Virgo reveals the poor quality of many of our products.  These are just a few of the recent recalls in the news:

  • Kellogg recalled 28 million boxes of various brands of cereal after a smell in the packaging revealed the presence of a petroleum-based chemical.  This chemical, methylnaphthalene, is approved by the FDA but it is linked to serious  lung damage in some studies.
  • McNeil Consumer Healthcare (a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary) has been linked to recalls of several of their products over the past year or so because of a musty, moldy smell in the packaging.  McNeil is now under investigation by several government agencies.
  • A children’s jewelry manufacturer, Tween Brands, recalled its jewelry which contained toxic amounts […]
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Saturn retrogrades back into Virgo

By |2010-04-06T06:23:22-04:00April 6th, 2010|Planetary cycles|

Saturn in VirgoSaturn is at its last degree of Libra today before retrograding back into Virgo tomorrow (Tuesday) at around 3:30 pm Eastern time. Saturn has been in Libra since last fall where it has been creating tests and challenges in the areas of partnerships and beauty, as well as our aesthetic ideals.

Virgo is the sign that deals with issues of day-to-day life in a body. The food we eat, the mind body connection and our health, our day-to-day routines such as the work that we get up for every day, and a thrifty and practical approach to our finances. While Saturn was in Virgo it forced us as a global people to look hard at these areas of life and we can argue that Saturn’s entry into Virgo began the practical move towards a more sensible approach to finance that began to bring down the irrational exuberance at the end of the Pluto in Sagittarius era.  Saturn in Virgo also forced us to face the reality of the deteriorating quality of our health, not to mention the healthcare delivery systems, and the fact that the work force is shrinking as manufacturing is increasingly automated and humans are rendered obsolete in many fields.

Saturn will turn direct and begin to move forward again on May 30, but it will remain in Virgo until it re-enters Libra on July 21st. While Saturn travels through Virgo it will no longer be conflicting with Pluto which will bring some relief from the intensity of the Saturn/Pluto square which has been putting a lot of pressure on the need to let go of the past and allow transformation to occur.

Still, when Uranus enters Aries in May and […]

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Financial Astrology in the News and a Look at the Renaissance

By |2008-12-30T19:40:39-04:00December 30th, 2008|Money and markets|

I guess Wall Street is realizing their so-called financial experts know very little about the ups and downs of our financial system, and astrology is actually gaining more respect in the business world.  It’s about time!

According to the , Arch Crawford’s newsletter was the top performer in 2008, up by 42%!  Market Watch quotes Mr. Crawford from his December newsletter: “We are looking for some further advancement this week, followed by a decline into the Full Moon square Saturn on Dec. 12, probably marking a pull-back low Dec. 12-17. This pullback is likely to form a Right Shoulder on a potential Reverse Head-and-Shoulder bottom formation. From there, an explosive year-end move could develop in the upward direction, which we expect to be very profitable. Rally should rise well into January.”

I have no idea what a Right Shoulder is, but the Dow did go up between the 1st and the 8th and did decline leading into the Full Moon on the 12th. We haven’t seen that explosive year-end move, and with Saturn turning retrograde on the 31st it’s hard to imagine that we’ll see a rise in investor confidence.

Our favorite Ray Merriman also made the news this week (thanks to David Crook for the link!):

Raymond A. Merriman, a professional market analyst, trader and business astrologer based in Farmington Hills, sees the economy teetering between Camelot and Armageddon in 2009.

“Jupiter is moving into Aquarius, favoring automobiles and technology,” said Merriman, former commodities broker and investment executive who owns an international consulting company, The Merriman Market Analyst, Inc.

As a researcher of geocosmic conditions and planetary cycles, […]

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The Fed Still Doesn’t Get It

By |2008-12-17T20:02:39-04:00December 17th, 2008|Money and markets|

bubbleThe current economic downturn is caused by a global contraction and correction.  From an astrological perspective, this correlates closely to the entry of Pluto into Capricorn which demands facts and a strong foundation in order to achieve economic growth.  For the past 13 years, as long as Pluto was in Sagittarius (the sign of expansion and optimism), economic growth was generated by optimism and the inflation of debt which fueled a spending spree around the world.

The US Federal Reserve yesterday dropped its funding rate to the lowest point ever, hoping to generate more borrowing in order to generate economic growth, and also indicated that it was going to increase the money supply in an attempt to stave off deflation.  The problem is that the mood of this economic downturn is driven by the overall influence of Pluto through Capricorn which requires that any system which is corrupt or built on anything other than solid fundamentals be broken down and rebuilt.

The sign that Pluto travels through sets the global mood and fixation.  When Pluto went through Scorpio, the sign of sexuality and secrets, AIDS and repressed memories were on everyone’s mind.  In Sagittarius, the sign of expansion and optimism, it seemed that the housing and stock markets would always go up and never come down.  In Capricorn, the sign of hard work, discipline, and the reality check, the “frugalista” has replaced the “fashionista” and even those who can afford to spend, spend, spend are staying home instead and stuffing their money in the mattress.

We’re dealing not only with Capricorn now, but also Saturn in Virgo which treasures thrift and frugality above spending and impracticality.  Warren Koontz of Loomis & Sayles does get it:  “We do […]

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Full Moon and Other Planetary News

By |2008-11-12T18:11:48-04:00November 12th, 2008|Astrology|

Full-Frosty-MoonThe Taurus Full Moon occurs around midnight tonight (1:17 am Eastern), and it will be a powerful one!!   There is a very tight Grand Trine in earth signs right now, with the Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo.

Grand Trines are harmonious aspects that facilitate personal satisfaction and an easy and relaxed experience. By themselves they can lead to self-indulgence and complacency, but in this case the Grand Trine includes a hard aspect as well (the opposition from the Sun to the Moon that produces the Full Moon and turns the Grand Trine into a Kite formation). The Kite is a more dynamic aspect because it contains an opposition aspect (Sun/Moon in this case) as well as the Grand Trine which helps to energize the planets towards positive change.

The Sun and Moon are also involved in a challenging aspect (T-square) to Chiron and Neptune, all in fixed signs.  This kind of aspect creates a crisis that encourages action to relieve the crisis. In this case the crisis will involve the eruption into consciousness (Full Moon) of unhealed wounds (Chiron) that may have been driven into the subconscious (Neptune). The Chiron/Neptune combination also signifies an increase of personal wisdom that can be accessed directly by the power of the Full Moon. The fixed signs resist change which will hold back the evolutionary process somewhat unless we remain aware to relax into the process and allow the magic to unfold.

In the middle of all of this, Jupiter and Uranus, which have been moving slowly towards a sextile (harmonious aspect) which brings exciting new changes and expansive opportunities have reached the apex of that relationship just as the Moon is full.  The energy […]

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The Astrology of Election Day: A More Detailed Look

By |2008-11-03T18:51:00-04:00November 3rd, 2008|Astrology, Politics|

Many writers, including me, have expressed concern over the presence of major and challenging planetary cycles occurring on Election Day.  However, we have primarily looked at the astrology of the day with a broad brush approach.  If we zoom in a little closer we see a very nice combination of aspects.

Today, leading up to the election the Moon is in Capricorn, heading towards a conjunction to Jupiter.  There will be a sense of responsiblity and duty with the Moon in Capricorn, and the combination with Jupiter suggests that an overarching feeling of optimism will take over, particularly towards 6:00 pm when the Moon/Jupiter conjunction is at its peak.

The conjunction of the Moon to Jupiter in Capricorn makes a trine to Saturn in Virgo and a sextile to Uranus in Pisces.  These are harmonious aspects, which suggest that the optimism and positivity of the Moon/Jupiter combination will soften the potentially disruptive effect of the Saturn/Uranus opposition in which the structures of our world (Saturn) are challenged by the need of Uranus to effect change where change is needed.

Another aspect of concern on Election Day has been a square from Mars to Neptune which is particularly interesting because Mars squares Neptune in the US chart.  Neptune erodes the power of Mars and sends its energy underground where it can erupt in weird ways – Neptune confuses the issues and deception can run rampant.  However, the current square from Mars to Neptune interacts with the square in the US chart with a combination of harmonious and challenging aspects.  (Warning:  Geeky astrological details ahead. Mars on Election Day is at 21 Scorpio where it forms a nearly exact sextile to Neptune in the US chart and an exact quincunx to Mars in the US chart, and […]

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Power to the (Working) People!!

By |2008-10-26T15:26:19-04:00October 26th, 2008|Politics|

Ray Merriman about Saturn in Virgo and the Saturn/Uranus opposition. Ray writes:

Saturn in Virgo … relates to the growing frustration of those who do the work – the working class, the middle class. They look around and they see that they do all this work. Yet when the business fails, it is they who suffer, not the management that made the decisions that led to the failure. The workers are the ones who lose their jobs or give up benefits. And oftentimes when those in management make these failed decisions, they leave the company and receive huge financial bonuses, known as “Golden Parachutes.” And even while they are there, if the company prospers, it is these decision-makers who also receive huge end-of-year bonuses – at least huge in comparison to the much smaller bonuses given to those who did the hands-on work. It is not that these conditions have not existed forever between management and labor, between the wealthy and the middle class. It is just that now, in the first decade of this new century, the rate of growth and rewards between management and the work force has widened to its largest distortion ever.

I might add that it is largely the Pluto in Virgo generation that is suffering at the hands of the power elite, and I think it’s also noteworthy that this executive compensation issue went to the extreme under Saturn’s ride through Leo, the sign of ego and kingship.

Ray believes that the opposition from Uranus to Saturn will lead to an uprising (Uranus) of the working people against the power structures (Saturn).  I would like to think that’s true, but I don’t believe […]

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A New Birth Certificate for John McCain

By |2018-07-15T09:47:40-04:00October 20th, 2008|Politics|

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