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The return of Earth

By |2008-01-04T10:20:00-04:00January 4th, 2008|Astrology|

yesterday citing my comments about the return of the outer planets to the earth element after nearly ten years, and noting the connection to the lack of achievement and accomplishment on the world stage since then:

it is no surprise, for example, that it has been impossible to establish an international agreement on the environment and climate change. The earth element is concerned with the facts on the ground (to borrow an unfortunate Israeli expression). If earth is lacking, then these facts don’t count for very much, they don’t impact. The Kyoto protocol was agreed in 1997 – the last gasp of Neptune in Capricorn – but has since proved impossible to implement.

Incredibly, in 2003 the US went to war in Iraq without a proper plan as to what to do afterwards, and without reasons that could be backed up by facts. During the 90s, with Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn, the US had been able to restrain itself.

Since 1998, we have had 2 financial bubbles: the dotcom bubble of 2000, when stocks prices in the newly established dotcom sector went way over the top, causing a hangover for the US economy . . . ; and now there has been a credit bubble, in which banks have lent huge amounts of money in irresponsible ways and passed the buck all over the world, so no-one knows who is liable; and in which consumers have also built up large amounts of debt.

The downside of earth is that the imagination can get stifled, everything becomes defined by what seem to be fixed practical limitations and traditions. This time of no earth has also been the period in which the internet […]

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The new science: Invisibility!

By |2007-06-19T12:35:00-04:00June 19th, 2007|Science|

Phil Brown between the Saturn Neptune opposition and the new “cloaking” device invented by scientists in this article he posted a few days ago:

Physics has developed a “cloaking” device composed of copper rings and wires patterned onto fiberglass sheets. This cloaking device can hide objects—and the cloaking materials themselves—by bending light so that the space appears to be virtually empty. , “Light Fantastic: Flirting with Invisibility, ”notes that “…the demonstration showed the newfound ability of scientists to manipulate light through structures they call ‘metamaterials.’” An object literally becomes invisible, at least to microwaves. . . .

The Saturn-Neptune opposition has to do with, among other things, creating form or giving form to that which is formless. This cloaking device does just the opposite: it gives formlessness to a form. Either way, however, it’s Saturn (form) and Neptune (formless).

This invisibility device is also a metaphor for the larger socio-political manifestations of the Saturn-Neptune opposition. The 1971-72 Saturn-Neptune opposition coincided with the publication of the Pentagon Papers, which made visible the secret planning that went into the Vietnam War; revelation of the secret Tuskegee syphilis experiments; and the beginnings of the Nixon government’s secret Watergate activities–a real invisibility device which, fortunately for the country, malfunctioned and was later exposed through the “Watergate tapes.” These all took place very close to one of the exact oppositions of Saturn and Neptune.

Jupiter and Neptune have also been tightly linked to the invisibility discoveries: according to the NY Times article the early Duke experiments took place last October as Jupiter (expansion) was square to Neptune (the hidden), suggesting that the project may have been overambitious, and also trine Uranus (new discoveries). […]

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The Interface of Science and Spirit

By |2018-07-15T09:36:26-04:00March 11th, 2007|Favorite posts, Science|

Phil Brown and I must have been having an astral conference, because the other day while I was browsing through articles discussing the relationship between spirituality and science, on the subject, quoting an article in the NY Times Magazine:

Which is the better biological explanation for a belief in God — evolutionary adaptation or neurological accident? Is there something about the cognitive functioning of humans that makes us receptive to belief in a supernatural deity? And if scientists are able to explain God, what then? Is explaining religion the same thing as explaining it away? Are the nonbelievers right, and is religion at its core an empty undertaking, a misdirection, a vestigial artifact of a primitive mind? Or are the believers right, and does the fact that we have the mental capacities for discerning God suggest that it was God who put them there?

Although I have sworn a vow to myself to refrain from making frivolous astrological connections, it does appear that the heated arguments over astrology and religion that have been circulating the net lately seem to coincide with the opposition between Saturn (realism) and Neptune (transcendentalism). Perhaps it is the ever-increasing number of astrology and other consciousness-oriented blogs (Uranus-technology in Pisces-mysticism in mutual reception with Neptune-spirituality in Aquarius-innovation) which makes these fields a growing target for skeptics.

Phil mentions the new best-seller by biologist Richard Dawkins, who puts religion to the test of scientific scrutiny. This book was first published in September as Saturn and Neptune were first in oppositional alignment. Under Pluto in Sagittarius (since 1995) there has been an increasing willingness to take apart the foundations of religion and the theological framework (Jupiter/Sagittarius) that form the basis of the world’s religions. […]

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We are living in a Renaissance time

By |2018-11-19T21:18:16-04:00January 3rd, 2007|Consciousness, Planetary cycles|

posted this article by Raymond Merriman:

We are living in a Renaissance time, and most of us do not even know it, or cannot find the time to step back and appreciate it. Every 500 years Neptune and Pluto return to their same spatial relationship to one another. Every 171 years, Uranus and Neptune do the same. And every 126 years, Uranus and Pluto do the same. Three Uranus-Neptune cycles approximately equals one Neptune-Pluto cycle. And four Uranus-Pluto cycles equal approximately one Neptune-Pluto cycle. That means every 500 years or so, these 3 outermost planets in our solar system (well, they were until scientists re-labeled them this past year) are in approximately the same position in reference to the zodiac and one another.In 1398-1399, Neptune and Pluto formed their conjunction at 2-4 degrees of Gemini, which was just about the time that Italian Renaissance officially began. These two planets did not come together again until 1891-1892 at 7-9 degrees of Gemini, which could be argued as the approximate period of the start of another renaissance that we are still living today.

But what is most interesting is that Neptune and Pluto moved into a long sextile (60 degree) aspect to one another from 1460 through 1540. This same relationship returned again 1950-2032. Due to Pluto’s elliptical orbit, Neptune actually comes inside of Pluto’s orbit and is closer to the Sun during some of this period. That is why this aspect remains in effect so long. In the late 15th century, as this sextile was in effect, the intellectual and artistic climate of Europe was extremely exciting. It was a time of innovative movements that completely transformed several aspects of life, from economics, to art, to religion and philosophy. The height of this was even more defined […]

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Predictions for 2006

By |2017-04-02T09:40:54-04:00January 2nd, 2006|Predictions|

Although as I’ve said before I don’t believe that it’s really possible to predict the future, it’s fun to make a stab at it. This coming year brings some interesting planetary configurations that could have a strong impact.

The stock market. Jupiter (abundance and opportunity) is currently traveling through Scorpio, which rules the stock market and shared resources. This would normally be beneficial to the stock market, but Jupiter is coming off of a square to Saturn in mid December that may have had some influence in limiting (Saturn) growth (Jupiter) during that period (the markets were relatively flat in 2005). However, Jupiter is dancing through a square to Neptune (illusion) from now until the end of March, bringing a need for caution where investments are concerned, and the possibility of over-glamorizing investment opportunities. The Jupiter/Saturn square will be in effect in June and October of this year.

Complicating matters even further, Saturn (limitation) will square misty Neptune in August-September of next year, which will challenge investors to take a close look at the wisdom of their investments. Any rose-colored glasses left on after this process could result in trouble during the final dance between Jupiter and Neptune late in September and early October.

The war: Aggression will begin to seriously heat up on multiple world stages at the end of March when Pluto turns retrograde and is opposed by Mars. Rhetorical braggadocio will materialize into more aggressive warfare, particularly between Israel and Lebanon. Civil war will continue to escalate in Iraq, but American troops will begin to come home as voices against the war become louder and stronger.

George Bush: Dissent within the US Congress will continue to heat up and Bush will lose even more power as Saturn conjuncts Mercury (communication) and Pluto (power) […]

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