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The Signs and Houses

By |2017-01-23T19:52:32-04:00August 31st, 2013|


AriesCardinal Fire. Assertion of the will, development of identity. Honorable, impulsive, courageous, competitive. Needs a mission or battle to fight. Independent, dislikes restraint. Can be egocentric, individualistic, impatient.
1st House: Personality, physical body, vitality. Physical appearance, sense of self. Projection of “persona,” how we are viewed by others.
Aries and the first house are ruled by Mars.
TaurusFixed earth. Appreciation of the physical, need for stability, security, sensual pleasure, perseverance. Love of fine food, clothing and beautiful surroundings. Earthy and practical. Can be stubborn, possessive and jealous.
2nd House: Identication of self with environment. Possessions, tastes, self-esteem. Process of attachment, personal resources.
Taurus and the second house are ruled by Venus and Earth.
GeminiMutable air. Transmission of information. Love of language and ideas. Need for variety of experiences, mobility, change. Can be superficial, quixotic and moody, unable to follow through on projects.
3rd House: Interactions with immediate environment. Communication, short journeys, relationships with siblings. Early learning patterns.
Gemini and the third house are ruled by Mercury.
CancerCardinal water. Deeply sensitive, strong needs for emotional security and nurturing. Rooted in the past, collector of souvenirs. Sensitive, gentle, moody. Can be hostile if hurt or disappointed, manipulative, oversensitive.
4th House: Psychological roots, home environment. Primary nurturing parent. Early experiences rooted in the unconscious. Inner world and emotional security.
Cancer and the fourth house are ruled by the Moon.

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The self-destruction of John Edwards

By |2018-07-15T09:44:41-04:00May 23rd, 2012|Politics|

John Edwards astrologyby  Please note that the URL of this blog has changed and update your bookmarks.

Here in North Carolina where I live, the trial of John Edwards has all of the fascination of the OJ Simpson Trial but without the blood. This story has all of the classic ingredients of a Southern Gothic novel: an arrogant politician, a long-suffering wife dying of cancer, a mistress into “new agey” things like astrology and crystals and a reported $9,000 a month allowance.

John Edwards (see chart) is driven both by a sincere desire to help people and a fierce ambition combined with a brilliant intellect. But with four planets in Gemini, he has difficulty focusing. Gemini of course is the sign of the twins, the sign of communication. Gemini has a thirst for experience, an intense curiosity and a desire to digest as much information as possible. Gemini is the jack of all trades and extremely versatile; they are chameleons who can change their skins frequently and in fact they usually dislike becoming overly involved in one particular project.

Edwards was an extremely successful trial lawyer for 20 years, representing families and children before entering politics after the death of his son in 1996. Edwards’ progressed Sun, which delineates our evolving sense of Self, moved into Leo around that same time.  Leo is the sign of the Ego, and the transition of the progressed sun from Cancer (where it had been for 30 years, being focused on family issues and the family business) into Leo, where one’s own expression in the world becomes the primary matter, was the perfect fuel to feed Edwards’s ambition.

The four planets in Gemini in the chart […]

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Summer eclipse season is coming

By |2011-05-25T06:44:53-04:00May 25th, 2011|Astronomy, Moon|

Solar eclipse 2011, lunar eclipse 2011

. Solar and lunar eclipses occur when the Moon is either full (opposite the Sun) or “new” (conjunct the Sun), and one of the lunar nodes is located within 15 degrees of a conjunction to the Moon.  As you’ve probably heard me say before, the astrological impact of an eclipse comes from the presence of the lunar nodes.

The nodes of the Moon are points in the sky where the Moon crosses the path of the Sun as it is observed from Earth.  They are not actual astronomical bodies, but instead serve as signposts to show us where we have come from and what we need to leave behind (South, or descending Node) and the direction in which our soul is taking us (North, or ascending Node).  The Nodes represent the crossroads between the Soul (Moon) and the Spirit (Sun) with the physical incarnation (Earth).  Powerful stuff!

Typically there are two pairs of eclipses in a year, with two eclipses in each pair.  This summer brings three separate eclipses:

  • Solar eclipse June 1st at 11 Gemini
  • Lunar eclipse June 15th at 24 Sagittarius
  • Solar eclipse July 1st at 9 Cancer

The last time there were three eclipses in the summer was 2009 and you can read more about that here.

Although eclipses have been feared for thousands of years, unless you follow Vedic principles there is no need to fear an eclipse period.  Eclipses tend to reveal and expose aspects of our lives which are hidden and which need to be brought into the conscious realm in order for us to develop and progress.  This isn’t always fun, but the end result is worth any momentary […]

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Looking forward: The transformation of 2012

By |2018-06-11T11:11:11-04:00March 1st, 2011|Longreads, Planetary cycles|

Looking back to understand the future.

No matter what you think about the controversy over the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, there is no question that this is a significant time in human history.  As I write this, a wave of revolutionary fervor is spreading throughout North Africa and the Middle East, and in the United States frustrated workers are taking to the streets in protest against a political structure that favors banks and corporations and strips individuals of their economic rights.

It would be easy to think that perhaps the world really IS coming to an end if you weren’t following the astrological trends.  These trends provide a context for these world events and offer clues to help us to make sense of them as well as the changes that are occurring in our own lives.  The interrelationships of the planets as they circle the Sun help us to define periods of cyclic change that will encourage personal growth and global balance.  Depending upon the nature of the individual planet, areas of life which are out of balance will be highlighted and will require that we make some sort of adjustment in order to achieve a harmonious state in our lives.

In order to understand the nature of the changes that are coming, we must travel back in time to the beginning of 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn.  As the planet that governs destruction and regeneration as well as revelations about the dark side of human character, Pluto has a transformative effect on the issues of any sign that it travels through.  Pluto’s journey through its own sign of Scorpio witnessed revelations of sexual abuse and the HIV epidemic  (death through sex) which […]

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Solstice Full Moon: December 21, 2010

By |2010-12-19T18:06:38-04:00December 19th, 2010|Moon|

Solstice eclipse 2010The Full Moon on December 21st is at the last degree of Gemini and it occurs on the same day as the Solstice, a relatively rare event.  There is a fair amount of dispute on the web as to exactly how rare it is: the Spaceweather site originally listed the year 1378 as the last time an eclipse fell on the Winter Solstice but astrologer Kathryn Cassidy has been .  The Spaceweather site now lists the year 1638, but that was NOT the last eclipse that fell on the Solstice.  The actual date for the last time an eclipse fell on the Solstice was December 22, 1703.  That was a VERY powerful eclipse because the nodes of the Moon were in a nearly exact conjunction with the lunation (the opposition of the Sun and Moon).

Eclipses occur when a lunation (new or full Moon) occurs near one of the nodes of the Moon (see this earlier article for more details). Astronomers use a wide orb of 15 degrees to define an eclipse, but when the lunar nodes are closer to the Sun and Moon the effect of the eclipse is more intense.  This eclipse is a strong one, with the lunar nodes within four degrees and Pluto within six.  So Pluto becomes part of the Full Moon and therefore the eclipse, marking the necessity for letting go and deep transformation.

The Winter Solstice occurs when the Sun enters the sign of tropical Capricorn.  The chart for the Solstices and Equinoxes are often used as a predictive tool to gauge the upcoming events of the next three months.  At the Solstices and Equinoxes the Sun moves into one of the […]

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Full Moon in Aries, September 23 2010

By |2010-09-23T12:01:00-04:00September 23rd, 2010|Moon|

Aries Full Moon September 2010The Full Moon occurs on September 23rd at 5:17 am Eastern time in the sign of Aries, balancing the Sun which has just entered Libra.  Full Moons occur when the Moon is in opposition to the Sun, and oppositions require that we learn to balance opposite forces.The Aries/Libra polarity is itself concerned with finding balance and harmony (Libra) while staying firmly rooted in our own individuality (Aries).  Me and you, this and that, here and there – all are differences that need to be brought into balance under the Aries Full Moon, but the Aries emphasis is on the need to maintain our sense of individual purpose.

This is the Harvest Moon that occurs very close to the Equinox (in this case, just one day later).  The chart for the Full Moon brings together the separating cardinal planets for one more dramatic moment, although this will not in any way approach the intensity of the summer. Still, with the Moon at zero degrees Aries where it is at the very beginning of the zodiac, there is an initiation here that must be attended to. Both the Sun and the Moon are in a close square to Pluto, and Pluto demands that we surrender and shed the old skins we are hauling around with us that no longer fit the persons we have become. The Aries Moon, especially at zero degrees, is very ready to begin something completely new and let go of any hesitation or fears that may have taken over our lives.
The Full Moon chart has an unaspected Mercury in its own sign of Virgo, reminding us that we are adaptable creatures with the ability to use the mind […]

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Lynn’s Skywatch for September is posted

By |2010-09-01T07:21:04-04:00September 1st, 2010|Astrology|

The newsletter has been delayed and will probably come out Thursday morning, so there’s still time to sign up!   If you’re not already on my mailing list and would like to receive a translation into English of this monthly report, please sign up in the sidebar or on my website.

Meanwhile, here’s a tidbit to take you into the beginning of September , and here’s a link to the entire article:

Thankfully, the intensity of this summer’s planetary alignments is beginning to lessen as the planets in the early degrees of the cardinal signs begin to separate (if you’re new to Skywatch you might want to read through the June, July and August issues to read more about the cardinal alignments that have inspired so much change and drama).  As September begins, Saturn and Pluto are still within range of their challenging square formation, creating tension and conflict that manifests both internally and externally. But by the end of the month they will be out of range of each other and that will ease the stress considerably.

Still, Pluto is virtually at a standstill now in preparation for its change of direction later in September, so its influence is powerful throughout the month.  Pluto represents the power of destruction and regeneration, forcing us to recognize anything in our life that doesn’t serve our higher purpose.  Pluto will be there to remind us throughout September that even though the intensity of the cardinal alignments is fading, we must still be open to surrender where necessary in order to continue to evolve. Once Pluto turns direct on September 14th we will start to see more movement in our lives.

Once again we find the elements out of balance, […]

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Musings on Julian Assange

By |2019-04-12T16:35:29-04:00August 25th, 2010|People|

Julian Assange is the head of the Wikileaks website, the site that recently participated in the biggest intel leak in history just as the Cardinal planetary drama was unfolding this summer.  (This very blog was featured on the Wikileaks website last year as one of the sites being censored by the Australian government).

Assange is a fascinating character that I would love to profile, but he has not revealed his birthdate to anyone.  We only know the year of his birth (1971) and I couldn’t find any verification or source even for that.  One article says that Assange quotes his year of birth as being “in the 1970s” because he wants to “.”

The dramatic story of the life of Julian Assange is a fascinating one.  After his mother’s second divorce he was taken into hiding for five years.  He moved “several dozen” times in his childhood and studied science and math at several colleges and universities but never obtained a degree.  In his teens he was a computer hacker as a member of a group called “International Subversives” which was the subject of a raid in 1991.

As a journalist (Jupiter) he has dedicated his life to exposing the secrets of others, but he is remarkably secretive himself (Pluto/Scorpio).  Much of what is written about Assange’s childhood actually comes from a book called Underground about a hacker named Mendax.  Assange was listed as a researcher for the book.  (.)  Mendax/Assange never knew his father and was shuttled around Australia trying to escape her second husband.  Wikipedia reports that Assange moved two dozen times as a child.

Assange has no real home but instead travels the world and lives out […]

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Spend or save for economic growth?

By |2010-07-12T07:39:25-04:00July 12th, 2010|Money and markets|

Last weekend  I watched the debate between Paul Krugman and Niall Ferguson on S.  Paul Krugman is a Nobel prize-winning economist and author with an expertise in international economics, and Niall Ferguson is a historian with a specialty in economics with a conservative approach to economics which include replacing a graduated income tax with a 35% sales tax and replacing public social security with a privatized system.  So it’s no surprise that these two have been engaged in a debate over how best to save the global economic system.  In some ways, they epitomize the ongoing debate on the subject.

To recap the astrological background, in 2008 we moved from an expansive Pluto in Sagittarius economy driven by optimism, debt and spending to a contracting Pluto in Capricorn economy.  For the previous fifteen years, the more people spent the more business was done, and the more jobs there were, and the more money was available for spending.  But Pluto in Capricorn is not expansive – it does not support an economy based on spending money that does not exist.  It’s practical and realistic, and sheds light on areas of illusory economic fallacies.

from the CNN segment where both Krugman and Ferguson have an opportunity to defend their position. Krugman has argued from the beginning that more stimulus money is needed.  Borrowing is cheap now, and stimulating the economy will help create jobs.  Zakaria, who in my view is one of the smartest people alive today, points out the American corporations are exceptionally healthy right now, and sitting on lots of cash, and asks the question “Why are they not hiring more workers?”  Ferguson’s response […]

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The significance of the recent Jupiter impact

By |2010-06-06T12:29:53-04:00June 6th, 2010|Astronomy|

Astrologers everywhere have noted with glee that as Jupiter approached its exact conjunction to Uranus, Jupiter was struck by a bit of cosmic debris or an asteroid.  Uranus relates to surprising or shocking events, potentially resulting in a dramatic change.

The event occurred on June 3, 2010, at 20:31 GMT and that was observed by several amateur astronomers.  The conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus occurs in Aries, the cardinal and arguably most fiery of the fire signs.

Jupiter began changing as the conjunction to Uranus began to approach, including losing its stripe.

The impact on Jupiter is not likely to have any significant or measurable astrological effect, but the synchronicity of the event is startling!

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