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Homosexuality is not what it used to be.  Half a century ago, gay men and women hid their affiliation in a closely guarded cloak of secrecy.  In today’s Aquarian world where even in the US twenty states plus the District of Columbia now permit gay marriage, more and more well-known people are coming out of the closet, including even football players. But not John Travolta or Tom Cruise.  Both of these men, both Scientologists, interestingly enough, have struggled through their entire careers to keep the G word from erupting into their carefully crafted public persona.  For John Travolta, this wall between public and private will soon collapse after  that his former pilot has the right to tell the story of their gay affair. After studying astrology for 30 years, the asteroids are finally beginning to talk to me and one of the ones who is speaking up is Pallas (sometimes also called Pallas Athena since Athena was the Greek name for the same goddess).  Pallas is often prominent in the charts of my gay clients, particularly the ones who identify as transgender.  Pallas was a female goddess, but she sprang out of the head of her father, Jupiter, so there is an asexual quality to her power.  Or more accurately, an ability to move easily between genders. In John Travolta’s chart, Pallas is exactly opposite the Sun.  This is a very powerful aspect that challenges his sense of Self (Sun).  Pallas is about six degrees away from an exact conjunction to Pluto in the chart, suggesting that there is a compulsive (Pluto) quality to this tension.  Pluto of course is also opposite the Sun, an intense configuration that demands constant transformation and evolution as well as the revelation of dark secrets and usually, powerful experiences that transform our lives completely. Travolta has been dogged not only by rumors of gay dalliances and sexual harassment but also rumors of  .  Cross-dressing and homosexuality are two totally different things, but in both there is a blurring of gender lines. Over the past few years Travolta’s progressed chart reveals that the natal conjunction between Pallas and Pluto has become tighter and tighter, and currently it is just a few minutes away from exactitude (the exact alignment occurs December 2016).  The progressed chart reveals the patterns of our personal evolution so it’s not surprising that these Plutonian secrets are beginning to emerge. This is ultimately a good thing, because any darkness that we struggle to keep in the psyche will rot and decay and eventually needs to be purged.  Part of the Plutonian archetype is that secrets only hold power as long as they are hidden – once they are out in the Sun they begin to fade away and our true light can shine unhindered.

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  1. Greg F July 25, 2014 at 8:13 am

    This article hits home, Lynn, as I have Pallas Athena as the apex of a yod with Pluto and my Sun/Moon/Neptune stellium. I am not gay, but I like to cook and have a large vocabulary! 🙂

    I am very sensitive, and one of my best friends is gay. I just feel balanced between the feminine and masculine, as every Libra wants. I am not ashamed of being emotional and caring about my friends and family.

    Pallas is a great indicator of pattern recognition, so I’ve been told, and I think through my Pluto connection it gives me great insight. I am an incessant proofreader even if I try not to be.


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