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Tomorrow’s Full Moon is packed with planetary goodness.  First we have the opposition of the Sun and Moon in the eternal dance that marks the midpoint of the lunar cycle.  As the Sun steps back and the Moon is illuminated in her full glory, the hidden can be revealed.  We can stop buzzing around long enough to sense the quieter magic that is normally hidden from view – the delicate sounds that hang in the air when the darkness falls.

This Moon is in Pisces, the sign of transcendence, and it opposes the Virgo Sun with its need for order and details and respect for the mundane details of life.  Under the Pisces Moon the soul longs for connection to something that transcends everyday life – an experience where magic and divine experience become the norm and not the exception.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and this Full Moon contains a Neptune double whammy because the Moon also conjoins Neptune which enhances that magic wand of illusion and fantasy as well as a spiritual yearning.

The Moon also conjoins Chiron, which opposes the Sun and becomes a part of the Full Moon planetary alignment.  Chiron’s role here is to utilize the Pisces/Neptune deep longing for the purpose of soul evolution and release, so the emotional pull will be very powerful.

Uranus and Pluto are tightly wound into the fabric of this Full Moon, with the Sun in a trine to Pluto, ensuring that transformation occurs as we let go (Pluto) of the dead weight that we typically carry with us.  Pluto is also in a harmonious sextile to the Moon, helping us to go deeper and more fearlessly into the void where we can find our true nature underneath the delusion of everyday life.

However, Pluto is still locked in the square to Uranus that is fostering revolution and change and unrest around the world, and Uranus is agitating the Full Moon chart with an inconjunct and quincunx to the Sun and Moon.  These are awkward aspects that aren’t problematic so much as they create unrest and perhaps a bit of frustration.  The power of transformation that Pluto brings is strong in this Full Moon, but Uranus makes everything a little bit harder.  Nothing will go exactly as planned, and perhaps that IS the plan.

Fortunately Mars, which is in Scorpio now where it is quite powerful in its aggressive force and pure drive and inspiration, harmonizes with the Moon and the Sun to motivate us to seek the kind of peak experience that will culminate in greater awareness and personal understanding.

Enjoy the magic of this Pisces Full Moon!  It is riper and richer than what we can normally ever expect.

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