Planetary Illuminations – Astrological Forecast for December 2014

Planetary Illuminations – Astrological Forecast for December 2014 2017-04-02T09:40:54+00:00

December astrology forecast12/1 Mars sextile Saturn
12/4 Venus trine Jupiter
– Sun trine Uranus
– Mars enters Aquarius
12/5 Sun square Chiron
– Mercury trine Uranus
12/6 Full Moon 14 Gemini 7:27 am
– Sun square Chiron
12/8 Sun conjunct Mercury
– Jupiter turns retrograde
12/10 Venus enters Capricorn
12/12 Mercury trine Jupiter
12/14 Sun trine Jupiter
– Venus sextile Neptune
12/15 Uranus square Pluto
12/16 Mercury enters Capricorn
12/20 Mercury sextile Neptune
– Venus square Uranus
– Venus conjunct Pluto
– Mars sextile Uranus
12/21 Venus sextile Chiron
– Uranus turns direct
– Sun enters Capricorn
– Capricorn New Moon 8:36 pm
12/23 Saturn enters Sagittarius
12/24 Mercury square Uranus
12/25 Mercury conjunct Pluto
– Mercury sextile Chiron
12/26 Sun sextile Neptune
1/1 Mars opposite Jupiter


The biggest single planetary event in December is the resurgence of the challenging square aspect between Uranus and Pluto.  This is the sixth of seven exact phases of this cycle that has brought about cataclysmic change across the globe as well as in our personal lives (read more in the sidebar if this is new to you).   Uranus and Pluto destabilize the structures of our life so that they can be replaced with a new and improved foundation that better fits the modern era.  For example, around the world repressive governmental regimes have been broken up and ideally these would be replaced by more democratic institutions.  However, after the breakdown (Pluto) and revolution (Uranus) phases there is a period of uncertainty and chaos as the dust settles and the new reality begins to emerge.  We are seeing that in the world political situation, and perhaps you are seeing this in your own life.

I will be writing more about the astrology of 2015 later in the month, but for now just know that this destabilizing influence is nearing the end and the rebuilding phase is within reach.  We can get a head start on that by attempting to rise up above the chaos and gain a broader view of our own life to see where change is needed, and how it can be achieved.

Meanwhile two planets change direction this month:  Jupiter will turn retrograde on December 8th and Uranus will turn direct at the Solstice on December 21st.  When planets change direction their apparent movement (from our perspective here on earth) slows down and these energies become more intense.  Jupiter’s expansive beneficence is at a peak during the first week of December, and the disruptive influence of Uranus will be felt throughout the month.


As December begins there is a strong emphasis in Fire energy.  Three planets including the Sun are in Sagittarius, the Moon and Uranus are in Aries, and Jupiter is in Leo.  Fire exhibits unbridled enthusiasm and a tendency for quick action, and combined with the radical push for breakdown and change of the Uranus/Pluto square this can be somewhat intense, particularly towards the middle of the month when Uranus and Pluto are at the peak of their dance.

Fortunately a harmonious sextile from Mars (action) to Saturn (discipline) on the 1st helps us to plan and focus our energies so that we can work towards our goals.  Mars is in Capricorn for a few more days, and Saturn is Capricorn’s ruler so the 1st and 2nd of December are excellent times for planning and accomplishment.

The 4th gives us several beneficial aspects, with harmonious trines between Venus (attraction) and Jupiter (confidence), suggesting comfort and easy social interactions (plus a bit of good luck), and between the Sun (Self) and Uranus (innovation), opening our minds to new possibilities and helping us to envision ourselves in a whole new way.

Mars leaves solid Capricorn that same day for Aquarius, and for a month or so our ability to achieve that higher vision and find a way to live up to our ideals will be strengthened and it will be easier to adapt to the changing tides that are all around us.

The 5th brings us a day of conflicting energies: the Sun squares Chiron (wounding and healing) which can bring out hidden emotions and force them into view where we must acknowledge them and let them go.  But at the same time Mercury (mind) harmonizes in a trine with Uranus, waking us up and flooding our mind with ideas and new possibilities.

These two minor aspects are embedded in the chart for the Full Moon in Gemini on December 6th, which gives them more impact and power.  The mental realm is extremely powerful at this Full Moon:  Gemini itself is ruled by Mercury and its domain is the exchange and processing of information.  On top of this we have the Sun in an exact conjunction to Mercury at the Full Moon, which means that the Moon is opposite Mercury, challenging us to balance the emotions and instincts that cause us to react without thinking (Moon) with the tendency to rationalize through reason rather than listen to our inner voice (Mercury).

Challenging this delicate balance is a square between Chiron and the Sun/Mercury pair on the one end and the Moon on the other (we call this a “T-square” because it looks rather like a “T” or a seesaw).  Chiron’s job is to promote healing through revealing the root cause of the distress.  Often this begins as emotional distress that ultimately resides in the energetic system of the body to create disease and illness, so the healing process of Chiron, while not exactly enjoyable, is critical for personal growth and happiness.

Gemini is like quicksilver – there is a great deal of lightness and change and we can quickly move through hundreds of years of personal drama in a matter of minutes.  The minor harmonious aspects described above help this process to continue with fluidity and grace.

Venus, planet of love and beauty, moves into diligent and responsible Capricorn on December 10th and will remain there for a few weeks.  During this period our duties to our loved ones take a front seat and our personal needs become less important.  Often relationships become solidified under this influence, and it is a good time to become engaged or take on additional responsibilities to those we love.

Between the 11th and the 14th of December as we approach the radical energy of the Uranus/Pluto square on the 15th a series of short-lived but extremely harmonious aspects provide beneficial support as change is occurring all around us.  This helps us to loosen our grip on the current reality so that we are more easily able to trust the Universal Wisdom that is at work right now, and let go where letting go is needed.  A harmonious trine from Mercury to Jupiter on the 12th bestows a sense of harmony and meaning, and on the 14th the Sun also trines Jupiter and showers blessings of peace, harmony and general good will.  A harmonious sextile from Venus to Neptune (spirituality and creativity) that same day opens the heart and the doorway to creativity.

The actual square between Uranus and Pluto occurs on December 15th, but an alignment of this magnitude does not occur on a particular day.  However, the sense of a need for change in our own lives, or perhaps the sense of being forced to change, will peak on this day.

Mercury enters Capricorn on December 16th, joining Venus in a trip through the sign of stability and maturity.  Capricorn helps us to find a way to live successfully in the material world, and with both Mercury and Venus traveling through Capricorn at the time of the Uranus/Pluto event it will be easier to find solid ground and create a practical plan to navigate through change.

On December 20th a harmonious sextile from Mercury (communication) to Neptune (transcendence) stimulates the imagination and helps us to be more aware of the subtler influences around us.  At the same time, a sextile from Mercury to Uranus (radical ideas) opens up the mind to intuition and discovery.  This combination of mental excitement is wonderful for writers or for anyone who is looking for a way to reimagine their life and see through new eyes.

However, this same day Venus (relating) translates the Uranus/Pluto square as it aligns with Pluto and forms a square to Uranus.  For a few days its best to keep your own company as there is a strong likelihood of disruption and conflict.  A harmonious sextile from Mars (action) to Uranus on this same day craves the autonomy and liberation to make new discoveries which exacerbates the need for individual expression around this time (December 20-21) as opposed to lots of personal interaction.

This leads us to the action-packed Capricorn New Moon at the Winter Solstice on December 21st.  Uranus turns direct that day so its impact is at its most intense as it comes to a standstill in the sky and beams a laser force of radical and innovative inspiration.  The Winter Solstice marks the time when the light of the Sun begins to return, and the New Moon marks the emergence of the light of the Moon. The Sun has just entered Capricorn and the Sun and Moon are both at zero degrees Capricorn at the New Moon – a symbolic Brand New Beginning that will have an impact for months to come.

There are five planets in Capricorn at this New Moon, a stellium of tremendous power and proportion.  Capricorn urges us to master the material world.  This is not a time of navel-gazing or retreat from the world – this is a time to live fully in the world and make the most of it.  Achieve success in your chosen field.  Purchase a home.  Become engaged.  Recommit to your marriage.  Honor your parents and your familial obligations.  These are the ways that we connect with the world in ways that will bring us success in our own lives, and this is the lesson that Capricorn seeks to teach.

There is a sense at this New Moon of something from the past being released – Uranus sits right on the South Node that marks the gateway of experiences we bring with us from our previous lifetime(s).  With all of the chaotic disruption and change in the air, this Capricorn New Moon helps that rebuilding process to persevere and strengthen.

Saturn enters Sagittarius on December 23rd, the beginning of a 2-1/2 year cycle that you will be reading more about in these pages.

On the 24th and 25th Mercury (communication and thought) translates the Uranus/Pluto square as it aligns in a conjunction with Pluto and forms a square to Uranus.  Falling as it does on the Christmas holiday, there is potential for debate and argument that can create a great deal of dissension at the family dinner table.  Channeling this intense mental drive through games that require thought and strategy may be a good way to avoid major arguments but fortunately a harmonious sextile from Mercury to Chiron helps smooth the way to discussions that can heal and release old wounds and resolve old issues.

The 26th is a beautiful day for creativity and inspiration as the Sun forms a harmonious sextile to Neptune.  Communing with nature, playing music, creating art – these are all ways in which we allow the Divine to flow through us through creative inspiration, soothing the heart and bringing magic into our lives.

If you have questions about how your own chart is affected by these influences consider scheduling a personal consultation with me.   Many blessings, dear readers, for a joyous holiday!

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