by This Full Moon is one of the most powerful events of the summer and is tightly wrapped up into the intense dynamic of change from the square formation between Uranus and Pluto. Every Full Moon contains an opposition between the Sun and the Moon, and the solar force of conscious awareness creates tension with the lunar force of instinct and emotion.  During the Full Moon the Sun is invisible, seen only in the illumination of the Moon and the power of the inner world. The Aries Full Moon demands that we energize ourselves into action and face our fears directly rather than shrink into overly polite or cautious behavior. The Moon conjoins Uranus which is already opposed by the Sun, creating an urgency and a restless quality that demands change in any area of our life where we are not living authentically. Pluto challenges the whole system and will force a breakdown in any area that is not supporting the impetus for change. Living a lie? Swallowing your feelings? Hiding from your emotions? None of these things will be possible at this Full Moon. This is the Full Moon of the warrior gods and goddesses. We are all called upon now to be our best selves – to rise to the challenge and be co-creators of the transformation.  Fortunate we have some powerful allies for the journey.  The transformational power of Pluto harmonizes in a sextile to Chiron, the facilitator of healing and personal evolution, pushing our inner wounds to the surface where they can be lanced like a boil to remove the poisons that lie beneath.  And Saturn lays out a comforting grid of structure and a solid foundation as it forms a trine to Neptune, harnessing our imagination and creativity in ways that can help us to plan for a better future. This is an intense time, and this Full Moon, while not altogether comfortable, will help empower us to be better prepared. for daily planetary cycles visit my Facebook and Twitter pages, and for a special monthly Skywatch report emailed to you each month, sign up in the sidebar.

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