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Order your reading with Lynn. astrologerAn astrology or intuitive reading can give you tremendous insight into the workings of your own personality and help you to understand your relationships with others.  It can help you to navigate times of crisis by providing a framework of understanding of the underlying planetary dynamics that are fostering change.  My readings are educational, informative, supportive and inspiring.

Different clients have different needs. Perhaps you have a big decision to make. Maybe you’re in crisis and need some perspective; having trouble with a spouse or child, or considering a major life change. The goal here is to empower you and assist you in creating a life that is fulfilling.

If you’ve never had a reading before, you may just be curious to discover what you can learn about yourself and your own inner dynamics that can help you truly maximize your own unique potential.

You’re in charge here, you decide how much you want to spend and how much time you need. You decide the primary focus of the session, and you get to change your mind.

Readings are done by phone or at my office in Carrboro, North Carolina, near Chapel Hill.  I prefer this interactive method and find it is the most useful to the client; consequently I do not do typed or taped readings.

Calls are free! I pick up all phone charges. If you have  (it’s free!) we can do a video conference.

Readings are recorded and sent to you on CD or mp3 along with a copy of the birthchart and other information. There is no extra charge for postage or the CD. (International clients will receive an mp3 of their reading rather than a CD.) Please note that occasionally the recording technology fails.  If a recording of the session is critical to you I suggest that you make a backup recording for yourself.  

Ready?  Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page, and you will find testimonials here for more information.  Or go right to the pricing information  here.

866-575-LYNN (5966), or .

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