Saturn in Virgo: School lunches pose threat to national security

school lunch threat to national securitySaturn moved into Libra last fall, but earlier in 2010 it changed direction and has now retrograded back into Virgo, the sign of health and the details of life that make up our material world on earth.

So it’s appropriate that a group of retired the poor quality of school lunches dangerous to national security because they have helped to increase the number of obese young Americans to the point where 27% of kids aged 17-24 are too overweight to join the military.

“[T]the group is urging Congress to eliminate junk food and high-calorie beverages from schools, put more money into the school lunch program and develop new strategies that help children develop healthier habits.”  It’s those strategies and habits that are governed by Virgo, but it took Saturn to bring in the military!

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  1. cimbalok April 20, 2010 at 11:01 am

    It’s not just school lunches, it’s also the growth hormones we have been ingesting for years. Before we started to respect organic farming we all ate meat and vegetables that were genetically engineered. The weight loss and medical industries attach morality to the size of people, telling folks who are fatter than Calista Flockhart that they are lazy, undisciplined, sick slobs when this is precisely the thing that drives people to keep them in business.

    When kids lived close enough to their schools to walk or bike and go home for lunch instead of eating at school, they didn’t get fat unless they were genetically predisposed. Saturn retrograding into Virgo will highlight this issue for a short time, but it would probably take a more lengthy transit to get us to seriously consider this issue on a national scale and actually DO something about it. It’s interesting that Mars (the military) is now in Leo, which is concerned with looking good and staying young. In June it will enter Virgo and perhaps that’s when the military will begin a serious campaign to help young potential recruits attain a healthy weight so they can go into the army, kill, and be killed.

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