Saturn on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp

Scorpio Sagittarius cusp

Saturn, the planet of tests and challenges, entered Sagittarius in December but then retrograded back into Scorpio between June 14th and will move back into Sagittarius on September 17th.

While Saturn was in Scorpio, the sign that rules intensity, power, and sexuality among many other things, we saw a rise of sexual abuse allegations, including the eruption of a long-suppressed case against Bill Cosby, the exposure of sexual abuse rings in Britain, and the revelation of secrets after the hack of the Ashley Madison cheating website.  (Read more about Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn is the teacher of the planetary pantheon, and it brings lessons into every sign through which it travels.  Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius has already brought challenges to transportation and immigration, both of which fall under the Sagittarius umbrella.  When Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio to complete its tasks there it didn’t leave behind the Sagittarian issues.

Immigration will obviously be a critical aspects of this 2-1/2 year trip of Saturn through Sagittarius which rules long distance travel and the exposure to foreign cultures which expand the mind.  Immigration is already shown to be a highlight of campaigns for the 2016 election as Republicans propose ways to keep out immigrants not only from Mexico but from Canada as well.  Floods of immigrants attempting to escape Syria are changing the face of Europe, and the result of further integration of Muslim culture with old Europe will bring with it a new set of challenges.  Camps to restrict (Saturn) the movement of these migrants is already causing problems which will continue to increase under Saturn’s passage through Sagittarius.

The lessons of each sign lead us to the next – in Scorpio we face our demons – the darkness that lies beneath that rips away anything which keeps us from absolute Truth.  In Sagittarius we raise our eyes to the broad sky and search for answers outside of ourselves – we find freedom from darkness and embrace the light. While Saturn makes its way back from Scorpio to Saturn we can take the best of the journey to the Scorpio underworld and carry it with us into the Sagittarian adventure.

Read more about Saturn in Sagittarius here. 

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  1. Mayfly September 6, 2015 at 5:43 pm - Reply

    Very glad to find your blog. I have found transits helpful in dealing with day to day matters.

  2. Alecs September 8, 2015 at 1:57 pm - Reply

    Thank you for that, Lynn.
    Everyone is talking about how Saturn in Sag will bring its own challenges– mainly to the expansive and optimistic side of Sag–and how we should put that flag or bottle of bubbly away but I found your post inspiring and uplifting. I, for one, am ready to embrace the challenges that will come with real globalization of the human sort, not only the economical one 🙂

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