Saturn/Neptune loves a good conspiracy

With my Mercury in Scorpio and Pluto in the third house, I am always looking under the surface to see what’s really going on, looking for connections and information (Mercury/third house) that might be hidden or obscured by powerful authorities (Pluto/Scorpio). Until September 11 the Kennedy Assassination was the primary focus of my quest into conspiracy, but since that fateful day in 2001 a whole host of other mysteries have captured my interest, as my regular readers know.

Under the influence of the Saturn/Neptune cycle, that which has deceived or confused us (Neptune) is forced into physical reality (Saturn) or exposed, and the Saturn/Neptune opposition has brought back conspiracy questions about what really happened September 11. It is not surprising that at the five-year anniversary of September 11 in 2006, during the first phase of the current opposition cycle, the publicized their organization and the film Loose Change became the first conspiracy film on the event to hit the mainstream press.

Now, during the second phase of the opposition, we have news that both Aaron Brown of and Jane Standley of announced that building WTC-7 fell BEFORE it actually did fall. In both cases footage of the event shown simultaneous to the broadcast demonstrates that WTC-7 was still standing. Yet nowhere has this information been covered in the mainstream press. BBC has published a response, claiming that there was an error in the control room. An error that predicted the future? That is hard to believe.

The in the World Trade Center complex is one of the biggest mysteries of the September 11 event. The building wasn’t hit, and physics expert Steven Jones of Brigham Young University famously lost his job for speaking out on the point that fire alone cannot destroy a steel skyscraper. And when the building ultimately collapsed, the pile of rubble lay completely within the footprint of the building, something physicists have concluded can only be accomplished through a controlled demolition.

As an astrologer the timing of this revelation is fascinating, occurring on February 26 within two days of the exact opposition point. The final phase of ths opposition cycle concludes in June of this year, and I will be watching carefully for further revelations.

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