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The 2019 Sagittarius Full Moon and the Galactic Center

The Galactic Center, currently at 27 degrees Sagittarius, is the rotational center of our galaxy – like the Sun, which is the center of our solar system and the major astrological factor of personal significance, the Galactic Center is the force that binds the galaxy together.  Astrologically and symbolically, the Galactic Center is the heart of the Universe – the soul of wisdom for our solar system and our species of humanity as well as all of the other planetary systems and species that may exist in the farther reaches of the Milky Way.

This week’s Full Moon is at the Galactic Center, suggesting potential for a portal of awareness and insight at this time.  Sagittarius is the sign of exploration and adventure, but also the sign that seeks meaning and truth.  Under this Full Moon, we can expand our awareness and the limitation of our own ideas and achieve greater understanding that can help us in very practical ways.

This Full Moon experience is irritated by a complex planetary system involving Mars, the planet of drive, motivation and war.  Mars is in emotional Cancer right now and the rumblings of anger and frustration may be more difficult to access.  But Mars aligns with Mercury (the mind and communication) at this Full Moon, heightening the intensity of our conversations and making arguments and disputes more likely.  This is exacerbated by a stressful opposition from Mars and Mercury to both Saturn and Pluto.  Saturn represses and attempts to block these energies, and Pluto blows them up in order to transform them into more productive pathways of personal evolution.

When the planetary energies are this intense, there is no point in trying to avoid them.  Instead, we can pay attention to […]

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Decoding the Galactic Center

The Galactic Center, at 26 degrees Sagittarius, was a big topic a few years ago when Pluto transited  through that point for the first time in 244 years, but it’s not a subject that receives a great deal of astrological discussion otherwise.

Astrologically, the Galactic Center is the heart of the Universe – the soul of wisdom for our solar system and our species of humanity.

Now there is that maps the Galactic Center, showing where the black hole and surrounding galaxies reside.

If like me this is still ultra-confusing, of the Milky Way Transit Authority which imagines the Galactic Center as Grand Central Station.

Milky Way



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The individual experience of Pluto on the Galactic Center

As we approach the mid-phase of Pluto’s conjunction to the Galactic Center I’ve received several emails asking about how this is likely to affect us on a more personal level, and the fact is that we really don’t know. There are very few astrologers who use the Galactic Center in charts, and therefore there is little research to suggest what forms this experience may take. However it manifests we can be sure of one thing: it will be different for everyone depending on their charts.

There was an active argument on a listserve last year about whether or not eclipses have an effect on individuals. Some swear by eclipses and for others, like me, they make no impression whatsoever. It appeared to me from that discussion that the more lunar types with a Cancer emphasis or prominent Moon were most likely to experience an eclipse in their personal lives.

Those of us with planets at 25-30 degrees are most likely to experience this dynamic because we are being affected by the transit of Pluto over those points in any case. Pluto drives us relentlessly towards transformation, creating endings and new beginnings in order to align us more completely in our evolutionary journey. As it concludes its travel through Sagittarius, it is working to clear away the ideological debris in order to prepare for its entry into Capricorn where it will begin the transformation of the strucures of government, wealth and mores.

On a personal level I believe that we are being realigned now in a way that transcends the details of our individual lives. The Galactic Center is the soul of our planetary system and as humans we are part of a spiraling series of collectives: our families, our communities, our nations, our planet, our solar […]

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Pluto and the Galactic Center, Part II

Pluto will conjunct the Galactic Center in July for the second time as Pluto retrogrades in Sagittarius, with the final hit coming in October of this year. This event only occurs once every 248 years and appears to portend a shift in cultural awareness. The Mayans were familiar with the Galactic Center, which they thought to be the source of all creation and which they called Hunab Ku.

Rather than a big and showy cataclysmic event, this cycle of Pluto (transformation) to the center of our galaxy is more likely to bring about a gradual deepening of our individual wisdom and a shift in our collective attention. You can read more about this event and its historic implications here.

Meanwhile, I have been reading a very interesting blog called “” from Mike Eggleston which I’ll add to the blogroll. Mike says that the Mayan calendar “shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt when energies and levels of consciousness have begun and shifted to the next level, the breakthroughs in human existence, from National to Industrial to Religions, Technology and so forth.” I particularly like these paragraphs:

Like all prophecy waiting around for a certain date and expecting something to happen is ignorance, self fulfilling and a result of the duality of the human condition. It is a goal we must work towards on individual and collective levels. We must consciously co create. We must literally BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world. We must be able to work towards enlightenment, to raise our vibrations and begin to see and separate ourselves from the old mindset of Materialism, Separation, War, Greed, and Egotism and see […]

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Pluto, the Galactic Center, Ceres and Bees

Jill wrote a post yesterday about the sudden disappearance of honeybees, and subsequent research turned up which connects weather anomalies to changes in the Gulf Stream circuit, an event which occurred between December 11 and 19th just as Pluto was making its first conjunction to the Galactic Center. There is a link which shows a short period where the Gulf Stream stops flowing towards Europe and flows back down without completing its normaly circuit. Earlier this month I wrote about my hypothesis that the effect of Pluto conjunct the GC, which historically has seemed to bring about major shifts in human civilizations every 248 years that it occurs, seems to have brought the issue of climate change to the forefront of mass awareness.

The disappearance of the honeybees appears to have begun with a sudden dropoff in bee poulations in mid December. There is some speculation that may have a role to play. Another peculiarity is that many of the bees are abandoning the hives and leaving their stores of honey and pollen, suggesting that there is something toxic in the hives themselves, and scientists have found up to four different kinds of viruses and fungi in the bees that remain in the hive.

A loss of bees would be devastating to agriculture, since honeybees are responsible for 80% of pollination of crops around the world. Looking back to the reclassification of Ceres which linked it to the Plutonic archetype, we should remember that in her grief the mythological Ceres caused starvation and famine before she negotiated the partial release of her daughter from Pluto’s underworld. In playing god through technological interference with the processes of nature, we may be replaying the drama of Persephone’s abduction and […]

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By |2018-11-19T21:26:34-04:00April 24th, 2007|Ecology|Comments Off on Pluto, the Galactic Center, Ceres and Bees

Ceres and the Pluto/Galactic Center Conjunction

As most of you know, Pluto was reclassified last year joining Ceres and Eris as dwarf planets (I personally wish they had kept the initial name of Plutons, but oh well). This has not changed the effect that Pluto has in the birthchart, which is to bring us face to face with our deepest fears and our highest destiny, but it introduced two new elements to the Plutonic process: Ceres and the newly discovered Eris.

Last December Pluto conjoined the Galactic Center for the first time in 248 years. The Galactic Center is the point at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, and you can read more about it in my earlier article here. From my research it appears to me that the Pluto/GC conjunctions point to a major shift in human evolution, and it seems evident that the major turnaround occurring now is in the growing awareness of climate change. Pluto recently turned retrograde and is heading towards the second phase of the conjunction cycle, and there has been a sudden explosion in the acceptance of the idea that the climate is changing and the earth is growing warmer and that this rapid change is primarily due to human activity.

Astrology is a symbolic system, and there is a synchronicity of meaning behind the symbols. It therefore makes sense that when the symbols are changed there is a change of meaning as well. Ceres was discovered in 1801 and named as a planet, but was reclassified as an asteroid in 1846 after a number of other asteroids were discovered as well. Ceres is an “earth mother” archetype and goddess of the harvest. She was responsible for the feeding and nourishment of humans; her main role was to encourage […]

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