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Amy Winehouse: a Radical Virgo hits the wall

Amy Winehouse has been rebelling since an early age when she was expelled from school at the age of 12 for piercing her own nose. Her music career began with her own rap duo at age 10. She started playing guitar at 13 and at by the age of 20 her first album was released. She is an incredibly creative woman, with loads of talent and a provocative and unabashedly raw and honest display of herself that defies any effort to categorize or define her.

In 2006 Amy fired her management company for trying to “stick” her into rehab, and then wrote a song about the experience. Although for a long time she denied having a drug and alcohol problem, she appeared drunk and stoned on several television shows last year and has admitted to being troubled by bulimia and eating disorders as well as a temper and a tendency toward violent behavior.

This year Amy has won an astonishing number of musical awards but has also appeared frequently in the tabloids due to her bizarre behavior. In May she married her new husband after a month-long courtship, and several weeks ago the two of them entered rehab after a 3-day bender of multiple drugs and alcohol that left Amy in a coma. They walked out after five days. Subsequent to that she cancelled her summer concerts, and most recently cancelled September concerts as well.

Amy Winehouse is a Virgo (see chart), the sign known for its reticent and modest behavior which just shows how little validity Sun Sign astrology has. There is another brand of Virgo which some call the “Radical Virgo” in which the famous Virgo powers […]

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An astrological tribute to Molly Ivins, the Radical Virgo

Although I was a fan of Molly Ivins for years, it wasn’t until the Bush administration that her biting yet hilarious wit became a must-read for anyone skeptical of the Bush presidency. Ivins was celebrated for her unconventional and unabashedly liberal views and her passion for life and for her rebellious disdain for those in power.

Click chart to enlarge. Molly Ivins was born with a powerful Virgo influence including the Sun. That will surprise anyone who knows that Virgos are typically shy and modest and dislike the spotlight. However, Molly’s Sun was exactly conjunct Jupiter, the planet that expands and enlarges our perspective. A Jupiter/Sun conjunction indicates someone who is bigger than life, who approaches every aspect of her life in a big way. Rarely do these people do anything in moderation, and there is an expansion (Jupiter) of the ego (Sun) which affords a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. Jupiter confers a strong sense of mission and someone with this planetary combination often feels they have been personally chosen to accomplish this mission.

This Sun/Jupiter conjunction is in conflict with (squares) the planet Uranus. Uranus is the rebel, the revolutionary. Uranus flaunts convention and can be unpredictable and erratic. When in a difficult aspect to the Sun, there is an almost relentless pressure to overturn the status quo and effect change for the simple sake of change. The addition of Jupiter here simply increases this tendency to “go off the deep end.” However, with Jupiter and Uranus there is a deep-rooted desire for justice and equality and the Sun adds the energy to fulfill the mission. From the beginning of […]

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The astrology of Paul Walker’s death

Paul WalkerActor Paul Walker died on November 30th when a 2005 Porsche Carrera he was riding in crashed into a light pole and burst into flames.  Walker was most noted for his role in the “Fast and Furious” franchise of vehicular-oriented action films so it is ironic that he died in an automobile accident.

Automobiles are ruled by Mercury which is concerned with short journeys as opposed to plane rides to distant lands.  Mercury was important in Paul Walker’s chart in several ways: Mercury is the traditional ruler of Virgo (I personally believe that Chiron is the modern ruler of Virgo although this is a matter of interpretation) and Walker’s Sun was in Virgo, as was his Mercury.  When Mercury is in one of its own signs (Gemini is the other) it is stronger in its expression and more important in the chart, and when Mercury rules the Sun, the essential Self of the individual, its power becomes magnified to an even greater extent.

We typically don’t think of Virgos as being particularly reckless, although there is a type of Radical Virgo (such as Amy Winehouse) in which  other chart dynamics (such as Mars or Uranus placements) conflict with the Virgo element to drive the individual into reckless and radical behavior.  We don’t see that in Walker’s chart, and indeed Walker’s “Fast and Furious” character Brian O’Connor served as the steady counterpoint to Vin Diesel’s wild and testosterone-driven lead character.

This makes sense with Walker’s Taurus Mars – a slow and steady Mars that is not excitable or overly aggressive.  Mars in Taurus is the proverbial bull who is slow to anger, but when anger erupts it explodes with a powerful force.

Walker’s chart was not a […]

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Amy Winehouse, dead at 27

Amy Winehouse dead The number of musicians who have died at age 27 (putting her in the sadly named “27 Club”) has just increased by one.  Amy Winehouse died Saturday July 23 of a drug overdose at her home in London.

I profiled Amy Winehouse back in 2007:

Amy Winehouse is a Virgo (see chart), the sign known for its reticent and modest behavior which just shows how little validity Sun Sign astrology has. There is another brand of Virgo which some call the “Radical Virgo” in which the famous Virgo powers of analysis and perfectionism are combined with other elements in the chart to create a more reactionary personality. Amy’s chart shows six planets in fire signs which keep her locked forever in a battle between the conservative side of her Virgo nature and the urge that the fire element evokes for a freer life.

Her Sun is squared by Neptune, the planet that dissolves the boundaries of ordinary reality. While this combination stimulates tremendous creativity, there can also be difficulty establishing boundaries and confusion over one’s own identity as defined by the Sun. Neptune conjoins her Moon which is another significator for creative brilliance as well as musical ability, but again there is a struggle to keep one’s feet on the ground. This strong Neptunian signature often suggests an individual who is either a saint or a drunk as the desire to transcend reality can go in either direction. …

This conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus is opposed by Chiron, a small planet in the Kuyper belt that signifies the Wounded Healer. When in a difficult aspect to other planets, Chiron indicates a deep psycho-emotional wound that doesn’t heal, but which ultimately serves as the guide to […]

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The Meltdown of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen astrologyI didn’t want to write about Charlie Sheen in the middle of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan when Uranus entered Aries, or when Neptune entered Pisces, equally big news from an astrological perspective, or when Pluto turned retrograde this weekend. But now that things are settling down a little astrologically I think it’s time for a little comic relief in the form of a look at the astrology of Charlie Sheen.

In 2009, when Sheen was arrested for threatening his then-wife with a knife, I wrote this profile:

Charlie Sheen is one of those “radical Virgos” whose dramatic behavior belie the typical characteristics of the Virgo Sun sign whose natives tend to be rather reticent and modest.  You would never think of a Virgo as having a penchant for porn and gambling.

Sheen is one of the “Uranus/Pluto” generation who were born between 1962 and 1968 when Uranus (radical change) and Pluto (death and rebirth) were conjunct in the sky.  This entire generation has a thirst for breaking down barriers (Uranus) in order to rebuild something that has become stale and dysfunctional (Pluto), and for Sheen this hunger is even more intense because his Sun is a part of that conjunction.  In addition, Chiron (emotional wounding and sensitivity) is conjunct oppressive Saturn in his chart, signifying a deep well of emotional pain within him that never quite disappears.  This is a powerful combination of planets that require a fair amount of self-understanding to master, and sometimes that process takes a lifetime.

Sheen’s Moon is part of this configuration, and it falls in the expansive and happy-go-lucky sign of Sagittarius.  This complicates matters for Sheen, since it makes it more difficult to do the solid emotional work that […]

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The eclipse gave Pink a fall

And turned her a bit red (with embarrassment) after an aerial harness failed to operate properly.  As it happened, the solar eclipse at 19 degrees Cancer was nearly exactly conjunct her natal Mars and in square to her Aries Moon.

Pink is one of those “radical Virgos” you hear about (Amy Winehouse is one), with four planets in Virgo but a wild streak that belies the modesty of the Virgo nature.  Pink has an Aries Moon, so she tends to be an adventurer at heart, and that Moon is squared by Mars, the ruler of Aries, which is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon.  We call this “mutual reception” and it provides a powerful link between Mars and the Moon, instilling an insatiable desire for adventure.

Fortunately Pink was not hurt and is back on tour, demonstrating the instant power of an eclipse to create quick and powerful change.

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