February horoscopesFebruary is a short but mighty month that brings us a big alignment of six planets in Aquarius (seven if you include Ceres).  You can read the whole article at this link, but here is an introduction to get you started.  I’ll be posting a more complete article on the New Moon tomorrow.

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As February begins, Jupiter has just moved into the fiery sign of Aries for the first time since last summer, igniting the energy of fire.  The element of fire is inspirational and energizing, but it can also foster destruction and chaos.  Fire must be harnessed with conscious intention in order to be utilized with the greatest effectiveness, and for this all of the other elements must be incorporated as well: air for intelligence, water for sensitivity, and earth for grounded practicality.

On February 1 there are four planets in Aquarius, and on the 2nd the Moon joins the Aquarian lineup for the Aquarius New Moon.  This is an intense influence that demands our attention, insisting that we refuse to settle for the ordinary, the every day.  Aquarius demands nothing less than the ultimate solution to any problem; that we force a situation into our view of the perfect outcome.

Venus is active on the 2nd, with a sextile to Neptune and square to Uranus.  There is tremendous creative force available now, and this force is embedded in the New Moon which occurs at 9:31 pm at 13 degrees Aquarius.  Uranus challenges Venus to break free of relationships that restrict us, but Neptune enhances the emotional connectivity and compassion of Venus.  This combination can be the key to breaking free of relationship difficulties that seem to have no solution.

We also have an exciting sextile of Mercury to Uranus on the 2nd which also becomes a part of the New Moon energy, awakening us to a cascade of new ideas that facilitate change and transformation.  The energy of this New Moon may be somewhat overwhelming, however, because the planet Mars which governs warfare and defense is in a nearly exact conjunction to the lunation (lunar event).

The energy of Mars is a powerful force of the fire element that can be difficult to tame.  The strong Aquarian component, with five planets in Aquarius, keeps us mostly in the head where the fire of Mars can intensify without providing a real outlet for all of that energy other than a fever of excitement and potential stress.  Fortunately Mercury (planet of the mind) is in grounded Capricorn which will help us to devise a plan so that we can focus this incredible energy into a project that can have some lasting impact.  Physical activity will be extremely helpful in grounding and maintaining a calm center.

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