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Having survived the dreaded end of the Mayan calendar, we now find ourselves looking down the lens of humanity’s future. I have often written that I believe we are now in the transition point as we enter the Age of Aquarius. More articles here.

Over the next three years we will continue to wrestle with issues of transformation and change as Uranus (radical change and innovation) continues to face off against Pluto (destruction and regeneration). But there are positive influences at work as well this year including a number of harmonious transits of Saturn (creating new form) and Jupiter (expanding our sense of what is possible). There is no doubt that change is happening, and we have seen that in our own lives since Pluto changed signs in 2008 and set off the Cardinal Climax over the next few years.

The sextile between Saturn and Pluto is waning, but it is still in effect for most of the month. This is a harmonious aspect that enhances our ability to create new forms (Saturn) around the changes that are rewriting our lives from the inside out (Pluto). Under this influence our changing environment begins to reflect the transforming selves within and help to bring us into greater integration and inner alignment.

There are no challenging exact alignments of outer planets again this month, so the planetary movements are faster and less intense as a rule. This article is late this month because of personal matters so I will begin the analysis on January 6th.

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