From the March Skywatch, here’s my take on the Full Moon eclipse on March 3.

The Full Moon on March 3 (at 6:21 pm est) is a lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Virgo. In a typical year there are typically two eclipse seasons, occurring every 173 days when the new or full moon is within five degrees of the moon’s nodes. The nodes of the Moon symbolize our evolutionary journey – they are like signposts that point to our past and our future development. Consequently, eclipses are often significant events that instigate change and transformation, especially if they hit a sensitive point in your own individual chart.

The Virgo Full Moon deals with issues of material reality. Virgo is associated with the mundane world-the small details that weave the fabric of our life. In Virgo we focus our attention on our personal ecology – our health, fitness, cleanliness and integration of body, mind and spirit. At its worst, Virgo can be petty and nitpicking, overcautious and afraid. The Virgo Moon is opposite the Pisces Sun now, and the nodes follow the Virgo/Pisces axis as well. The Moon conjuncts the South Node, or the past, with the Sun conjoining the North Node (our future evolutionary direction). The South Node in our own chart shows what is familiar and comfortable, but also what holds us back, so this Full Moon eclipse is a good time to look at where we are held back by our negative Virgo qualities, and how we can use the more positive Pisces elements to accelerate our personal growth. Every sign has positive and negative attributes, and in Pisces our hearts begin to open up to unlimited compassion and empathy. We find in Pisces an experience of divine love and inspiration that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary reality of which Virgo is so fond. However, there is a danger of becoming lost in the ethers and losing our footing.

This Full Moon Eclipse is a powerful one including a tight aspect of Uranus conjunct the Sun in Pisces and opposing the Moon. Uranus urges us to defy convention; it shakes us out of our deep sleep and rattles our cages so that we can live a more authentic life. In opposition to this Full Moon, it may evoke a sense that we lack security – the change may be somewhat frightening. Uranus propels us into the unknown; it’s exhilarating if we let go and nervewracking if we hold on. Fortunately this influence is softened by a trine of Venus to Chiron that adds a gentle (Venus) healing touch (Chiron) and facilitates our forward movement. This Eclipse is about leaving behind that which is safe and secure (Virgo/South Node) and moving into an exciting though unknown (Sun/Uranus) future (North Node) that brings us closer to a transcendent experience of truth and bliss (Neptune).

Geeky astrological detail: A “yod” is formed by the opposition of the Moon/South Node to the Sun/Uranus/North Node which sextiles both Venus and Chiron. Venus and Chiron are both quincunx the Moon, applying pressure for change without actually forcing a crisis.

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