Saturn in Libra

Saturn Square Pluto: Reshaping the World We Live In

Part II.
As we begin the final square of the current cycle in the dance between Saturn and Pluto, what can we expect? The opening salvo in this square occurs on November 15, and Saturn and Pluto will be in a tight aspect through the second phase of the cycle in January of 2010. The Saturn/Pluto cycle operates on a global level, but also on a personal level. What will we need to let go of personally (Pluto) in order to achieve a firmer footing (Saturn) in our lives? Where do we need to face the hard truth (Saturn) and break through barriers for change (Pluto)?

The fact that Pluto is traveling through Saturn’s sign of Capricorn is significant, as it provides a double emphasis on the need to build a strong foundation (Saturn/Capricorn) from which we can derive real power and transformation (Pluto). Anywhere we have been deluded or swayed by mass hypnosis into unconsciousness, we will have an awakening that can be exhilarating or rude in accordance with our ability to understand the process.

The impact of this Saturn/Pluto square will be particularly powerful in the United States because it is affecting the Midheaven of the US chart, the point of the government and its standing in the world. Events that were set in place during the opening square and the opposition will come to fruition now, for better or for worse.

The conflict between Saturn and Pluto often generates a great deal of fear, particularly in the face of intense events that occur around us. Any time we encounter Pluto in […]

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Saturn Square Pluto: Reshaping the World We Live In

Part I:  A history lesson

For the past month or so, two major players in the astrological pantheon have been preparing to face off against each other in a challenging 90 degree formation that astrologers call a “square” aspect. These two players are Saturn and Pluto, affectionately known as the Lord of Karma and the Lord of Death.

Saturn is the planet that defines limits and creates restrictions and boundaries; it inspires self-doubt and the knowledge that hard work is required in order to achieve our goals. Wherever we find Saturn, there is work to be done (hence the term the Lord of Karma). Saturn has just entered Libra, the sign of beauty, relationships, and those things upon which we place value. Here it is challenging us to confront (Saturn) any romanticized (Libra) ideals that we hold which are not firmly grounded in reality.

Pluto (yes, Pluto is still a planet for astrologers!!) is the Lord of the Underworld of power, darkness, death and rebirth. Pluto rules the kind of transformation that begins at the cellular level, where everything is dismantled and something completely new arises in its place. Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn (the sign that is ruled by Saturn) in January of 2008 and proceeded to destroy the financial and governmental structures (Capricorn) that were weak and lacking a solid foundation.

Just like the four phases of the lunar cycle, in which the Sun and Moon dance from the New Moon (the conjunction) through the first quarter square, to the Full Moon (the opposition or 180 degree angle) and the closing square, planets engage in a similar dance that we call the “synodic” cycle. The cycle of Saturn and Pluto coincides […]

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Dow Above 10,000: The Audacity of Hope Collides with Saturn and Pluto

As Jupiter turned direct this week, the Dow rose above 10,000 for the first time in over a year, inspiring many financial experts to crow that the recession is over.  The stock market has been in a continual upward climb since it fell to its lowest level in March of this year, driven primarily by optimism that an improving housing market and the recovery of the financial companies will drive the economy back into gear.
We can tie this recovery to a conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune that began back in February and while for many people this has been a planetary cycle of deep personal growth, there is always the danger when Jupiter’s optimism combines with Neptune’s propensity to ignore the facts that we fall into illusion.
Articles like this entitled “Record Streak Continues for Pending Home Sales” are fueling the optimism:  “Pending home sales have increased for seven straight months, the longest in the series of the index which began in 2001, according to the National Association of Realtors®.” This is deceptive in a couple of ways: first, the market seven months ago was at its worst in decades; and second, much of the increase in home sales is driven by the tax credit for first-time home buyers.  Meanwhile, foreclosure levels just hit a new record, affecting 1 in 136 American homeowners.  More foreclosures means more housing inventory, which means a continued slide in prices.
A drop in the number of people filing for unemployment insurance also fueled optimism on Wall Street, but these numbers don’t reflect the vast numbers of people whose right to unemployment insurance has expired.  The national unemployment rate of 9.8% does not include the numbers of workers who have given […]

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Speculators betting on sugar when Saturn enters Libra

If you haven’t noticed the Wall Street Weather blog in my blogroll, you owe it to yourself to take a look.  This is an excellent site for anyone interested in the astrology of politics and economics.  Today she writes on sugar futures:

Raw sugar prices have climbed to a three year high as bad weather threatens crop yields in Brazil and India, the world’s largest sugar producers.

In “Sugar prices head towards the sky,” the Financial Times reports that traders are betting that “the physical market will be at its tightest between November and April. They forecast that the price peaks will be seen in the ICE March 2010 raw sugar contract.”

What’s interesting is that the planetary picture correlates to traders’ bullish sentiment.

Sugar is ruled by Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus and Libra. From October 29, 2009 to April 8, 2010,* Saturn will be in Venus-ruled Libra. Saturn represents limitations and constraints, increasing the potential for “a global deficit of historic proportions” forecast by Barclays Capital soft commodities analyst Nicholas Snowdon.

Saturn creates harsh weather conditions. Since September 2007, Saturn has been in Virgo, an earth sign ruling the harvest. With Saturn opposing Uranus, the planetary energy of extreme conditions from autumn 2008 through mid-2010, weather conditions have either been too wet or too dry in many key crop growing regions. With Uranus in water sign Pisces, the sugar crop is suffering from too much wet weather in Brazil versus a lack of monsoon rains in India’s key sugarcane growing region.

read more here…

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Astrology in the Mainstream: Mother Earth News!

Thanks to Astrococktail for this enlightening link about America’s Seventh Saturn Return by astrologer Robert Cole that appeared in Mother Earth News in 1981. I love it when astrology is taken seriously by the mainstream media!

On October 22, 1981—in the midst of a massive solar system alignment which is currently happening in the ancient zodiacal symbol of Libra—the United States experienced its seventh Saturn return. (The return of Saturn in Libra occurs only once in approximately 29 years, and its strong influences can be noted for as much as a year’s time on both sides of such dates.)

Astrologically speaking, whatever was born on earth from 1775 through 1777—including nations such as ours—has Saturn “exalted” in the sign of Libra . . .the symbol representing the “Balance Beam of the Law”, which justifies the “defense of liberty” on one hand, and the “infringement of liberty” on the other. Indeed, according to its national astrological chart, the United States can represent both the positive and negative extremes of law and order. In the Declaration of Independence, for example, the country took on the responsibility of constructing a new order of freedom . . .yet more than once, in defense of our own liberties, we’ve considered it just to deny those of others.

Furthermore, on July 4, 1776 the hot summertime sun was moving into a “square”—or 90° aspect—with ponderous, restrictive Saturn. In proper astrological terminology, then, in the birth chart of the U.S., Saturn would be considered “afflicted” by the sun.

Now many people will doubt the significance of such occurrences, but the fact is that every Saturn return for the United States has been marked by at least one direct and harsh confrontation with other countries over what is fair internationally, and—on those occasions—every President […]

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