The 2012 Transit of Venus: Cataclysm or consciousness shift?

On June 5th Venus will transit the Sun in a rare occurrence that will happen only twice during our lifetime.  This astronomical event is a bit like an eclipse in that Venus will obscure a portion of the Sun during this transit event. Venus transits come in pairs, and the first of the current pair occurred in 2004.  It’s an interesting coincidence that this major astronomical event corresponds to 2012, but it is not likely to bring about the end of the world.  Much has been made of the fact that the June 2004 transit of Venus preceded the tsunami in the Phillipines by about six months, but other deadly tsunamis have occurred when there was no transit of Venus.  I am having trouble finding any significant events that are tied to the Venus transit that occurred in 2004. Transits of Venus always occur on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis which is the axis of knowledge.  Gemini learns through experience and assimilation, where Sagittarius is more about finding the One Truth and then disseminating knowledge to others, so some astrologers have predicted a great Consciousness Shift during the Transit of Venus.  There is no doubt that consciousness is shifting and has been for the past 60 years or so, but I think it’s unlikely that the upcoming Transit of Venus will bring with it a a major event of the type that some are predicting.  The Mayans were very attuned to the cycles of Venus and used these cycles for the timing of wars. This fact has been used by some to predict a major war beginning with this Transit of Venus, except that the Mayans used the heliacal rising of Venus rather than the transits for predicting wars and attacks. There is some indication of heightened hostilities between Israel and Iran in June and July, but that is tied more to the upcoming square of Uranus in Aries (warfare and rebellion) to Pluto in Capricorn (established power structures). Venus has come down to us as rather a cartoonized version of the Goddess of Love.  The original love goddesses, Ishtar from Assyria and Babylonia and Innana from Sumeria, and later Astarte and Ashtoreth who was mentioned in the Bible as the wife of Jehovah – unlike their later versions (Aphrodite and Venus) these goddesses held the keys to sexuality, power and magic. Venus was retrograde during the 2004 Transit, and is retrograde now in Gemini.  Communication and learning, conversation and shifting the way we think about our interactions with others are highlighted now.  The way we bond and connect with others can empower us or denigrate us, and during this retrograde phase we have the opportunity to find greater balance.  Rather than look for cataclysmic events in our outer world to transform our inner world, I believe it is better to look within for the keys to transformation and them use those keys to help to create change in all aspects of human life and consciousness.  In that way the outer world will surely be transformed as well.

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  1. Adam May 27, 2012 at 12:58 am

    “…look within for the keys to transformation and then use those keys to help create change in all aspects of human life and consciousness. In that way the outer world will surely be transformed as well.” As Venus is a personal planet, this last bit is surely the essence.

  2. Greg F May 27, 2012 at 10:55 am

    I am curious about what this transit will mean for me, as it occurs in my 7th house. I’ll have to report back if anything good comes of it. Thanks, Lynn!

  3. Beth May 27, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    Thank you for your voice of calm and insight in a kooky world of doomsday hoopla. There is this, though:
    I am having trouble finding any significant events that are tied to the Venus transit that occurred in 2004.

    Writing up my blog post today about Inanna and the transit, I ran into a that listed the news events that synched with the Venus cycle in general. Here was their entry for the last transit:
    June 8, 2004 – the death of President Ronald Reagan on June 5 was the dominating news story for the week; the National Electoral Council of Venezuela announced a recall referendum to remove President Hugo Chavez (who won the recall vote); CIA Director George Tenet resigned on June 3 and Deputy Director for field operations James Pavitt resigned on June 4; Enron was in the news again when CBS News obtained and broadcast audio tapes of Enron traders gloating over the way they manipulated energy shortages to maximize profits.

    Of course, you can pick just about any time period and there is some kind of momentous thing going on. Just thought it was interesting.

    Thank you again, Lynn, for your wisdom!

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