The astrology of Kristen Stewart’s latest act

The beautiful and talentedKristen Stewart young actress Kristen Stewart has been in the news lately after being photographed in an intimate embrace with the married director of her latest film, Rupert Sanders, who is 41.  Kristen’s romance with her Twilight costar Robert Pattinson has been the talk of the tabloids for years has appeared to be one of the steadiest in the young Hollywood set.  However, a purported affair with Rupert Sanders has apparently ended her relationship and put her in the limelight, a place she intensely detests. Kristen Stewart () was born with the Sun in independent Aries, but according to Astrotheme’s chart data she has the emotional sign of Cancer on the ascendant (rising).  Individuals with Cancer rising tend to be extremely self-protective and vulnerable, which sets up a bit of conflict with her adventurous and fiery Aries Sun.  To complicate matters, she has Saturn, the planet of self-doubt and hard work, in a challenging square to her Sun which makes her a hard worker and dedicated to career, but it also suggests that she puts herself under a great deal of pressure from which that Aries Sun must get some relief. Her Moon (emotional security and safety) is in Libra, giving her a yearning for peace and harmony and a safe connection with others, but Saturn is also in a challenging aspect to the Moon which adds to the pressure of Saturn. Neptune, planet of creativity and spirituality but also deception and confusion, is tied in with both the Sun and Moon as well.  This is a difficult aspect that makes for an excellent actor because of the shapeshifting quality of Neptune, but it is challenging in a young person who is trying to find out who she is. The square of Neptune to the Moon makes it more difficult for others to see you as you are, as I wrote in this earlier post. The age of 21 is a challenging one astrologically – competing cycles of Saturn (conformity, maturity) and Uranus (rebellion, change) apply tremendous pressure to follow the rules and make something of yourself (Saturn), but also to find your own way and destroy the status quo of your life (Uranus).  Kristen has achieved great success already in her short lifetime, but she is only 21.  At a time when other young people are exploring a variety of relationships and lifestyles, Kristen has been acting since she was eight years old and has filmed eight movies in the past three years.  That is an incredibly Saturnian lifestyle. Kristen has been under a Saturn transit that began last fall and was at its most intense between May and July.  It’s impossible to say what might have been going on in her personal life because she IS so intensely private, but I would guess that it was during this time that   the pressure began to be unbearable.  At the same time, transiting Uranus was beginning to apply its own pressure to her chart, instigating the restlessness and desire for experimentation that typically comes with a Uranus cycle. For all the tabloid hysteria over an “affair,” the only evidence that has surfaced are of Kristen and Sanders kissing on July 17th.  An early report that the director’s brother-in-law suggested the “affair” began last year was quickly shot down.  I would be surprised if this whole event was more than, as Kristen herself said, a “momentary indiscretion.”

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  1. Tracy Doe Heart July 31, 2012 at 1:47 pm

    Thank you Lynn,
    What a thoughtful and gentle look into Kristen Stewart chart. It is daunting situation that a young person have their life exposed to such a microscope of scrutiny. We all need some freedom to truly know what we long for in our lives. An opportunity to make choices and mistakes, see what the “fire” burns away. Opening our eyes to see, who holds their hand out, to lift us up and help brush off the ashes.
    Blessings Tracy

    • August 1, 2012 at 2:55 pm

      Beautifully said, Tracy. 🙂

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