The Meltdown of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen astrologyI didn’t want to write about Charlie Sheen in the middle of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan when Uranus entered Aries, or when Neptune entered Pisces, equally big news from an astrological perspective, or when Pluto turned retrograde this weekend. But now that things are settling down a little astrologically I think it’s time for a little comic relief in the form of a look at the astrology of Charlie Sheen.

In 2009, when Sheen was arrested for threatening his then-wife with a knife, I wrote this profile:

Charlie Sheen is one of those “radical Virgos” whose dramatic behavior belie the typical characteristics of the Virgo Sun sign whose natives tend to be rather reticent and modest.  You would never think of a Virgo as having a penchant for porn and gambling.

Sheen is one of the “Uranus/Pluto” generation who were born between 1962 and 1968 when Uranus (radical change) and Pluto (death and rebirth) were conjunct in the sky.  This entire generation has a thirst for breaking down barriers (Uranus) in order to rebuild something that has become stale and dysfunctional (Pluto), and for Sheen this hunger is even more intense because his Sun is a part of that conjunction.  In addition, Chiron (emotional wounding and sensitivity) is conjunct oppressive Saturn in his chart, signifying a deep well of emotional pain within him that never quite disappears.  This is a powerful combination of planets that require a fair amount of self-understanding to master, and sometimes that process takes a lifetime.

Sheen’s Moon is part of this configuration, and it falls in the expansive and happy-go-lucky sign of Sagittarius.  This complicates matters for Sheen, since it makes it more difficult to do the solid emotional work that a conjunction of Saturn to Chiron demands.  The Sagittarius Moon often prefers to take the easy way out and flee the scene rather than dig into the dirt of the emotional stress that follows him everywhere.

Sheen’s sexuality is evident in the chart with Mars, planet of aggression and desire, in the sign of Scorpio which is an intensely sexual sign.  The sexuality of Scorpio is intense and dramatic and not at all polite.  Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and represents the pure desire found in that sign, but Scorpio’s modern ruler is Pluto, awakening the individual to the call of the Soul that lies within the purely physical desire.  Individuals with Mars in Scorpio are really seeking the Soul through the act of sex, although that isn’t always evident to them. This need to go deeper through sexuality is also seen in the fact that Sheen’s Sagittarius Moon falls in the Eighth House of Scorpio.

This duality is complicated even further by Gemini on the ascendant.  Gemini is famous for experimentation and flirtation, and even though a part of Sheen’s psyche craves the intense dramatic sexuality that a porn star can probably deliver, another part of him desires the freedom to be able to pass through many different experiences (Gemini ascendant) while keeping his heart free (Sagittarian Moon).  At the same time his Virgo Sun craves order and respectability, yet it conjoins Uranus and Pluto which instills an intensely rebellious nature.

Sheen is a complex array of personalities locked up in one human being.  As an actor, he is able to identify with each of the different parts of himself through the roles that he plays, but at a certain point he has to figure out who he himself really is.


Over the past year and some months since I wrote this, the fragmentation of Charlie Sheen’s personality has become that much more evident and has coincided with the movement of Sheen’s progressed Mars into an exact square to his natal Sun.  The progressed chart shows our ongoing evolution as the chart is progressed through time.  Mars often acts as a trigger for important events because it’s fiery nature tends to activate an evolving dynamic that might otherwise take a longer time to unfold.  We can look at this as if Charlie’s current drive for power and desire (Mars) is in conflict with the core of his identity (Sun).

Remember the Sun is part of a complex system that includes Uranus and Pluto, so as his progressed Mars gets closer to aspecting his natal Sun it is also beginning to affect Uranus and Pluto, the planets of radical and sudden transformation, with the force of a rocket ship.    The tour that Sheen has embarked on is aptly named as “My violent torpedo of truth.”

Psychologists hypothesize that the apparent insanity that Sheen is currently exhibiting is a form of “hypomania,” a more moderate form of the kind of mania exhibited by bipolar individuals.  Sheen has not behaved in this manner before, but the astrological analysis suggests that a part of himself that has remained hidden is exploding into consciousness with the trigger of the movement of progressed Mars.

Meanwhile, transiting Chiron and Neptune have been in 90 degree aspect, or square, to Sheen’s ascendant – his persona, the way he presents himself to the world.  Here again we see the perfect exhibit for this in the form of his world tour, in which his fan base has paid for the opportunity to watch him self-destruct, and event that occurred as transiting Saturn formed a square to his progressed ascendant.  Fans who paid to see the show report that Sheen seems genuinely shocked at the boos and hisses that are delivered from the audience – in the Neptunian fog it is difficult for him to see clearly who he is, but the influence of Chiron requires that he come face to face with the demons so that they can be healed.

This progressed Mars will remain a trigger for the next five years, which will hopefully motivate him into action to start to take care of the details of his life.  The average person would not have the luxury of self-indulgence that Sheen has been allowed and would likely have been forced to make repairs to his life by now.  Perhaps the mirror of Sheen’s fans saying things like “Sheen’s show was worse than Chernobyl” will force him to wake up and begin to repair his broken life.

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  1. Theo April 14, 2011 at 2:54 am

    Hi Lynn,

    Well-written. I would like to gently add these thoughts:

    His transits, those of his nativity and secondary progression point mainly to andropause, the male equivalent to menopause in women.

    It’s not the same, as the male reproductive systems does not cease to work in mid-life as with women, as men can father kids well into their 90s.

    For the male, Andropause exhibits itself with fluctuations of reduction of production of the hormones Testosterone and Dehydroepiandrosterone – commonly the start of male middle-age.

    I’ve seen this before in male clients, as it often coincides by the time the Progressed Sun is semi-square to the Natal Sun, this is, at age 45, when it is exact.

    It begins to wane by age 47.5 leading to the fourth Jupiter Return, should other natal-progressed positions also be in favorable aspect.

    Most of the male clients experiencing andropause I’ve treated have reduction of Libido. This starts at age 45 and can extend to about age 56 for some men, but not all.

    The perceived loss of potency in men can act as a stimuli for them to then actively promote it – sometimes aggressively but with less empathy towards others, even family.

    This can be observed through expressions of fringe and sometimes outlandish behavior – all in an effort to overcompensate for the energy fluctuation and losses in potency.

    Other symptoms of andropause are nervousness, depression, memory surges, then short-term memory losses; an inability to concentrate.

    Nervousness, stress with a lack of empathy in communications with others is exhibited; there are bouts of fatigue mixed with insomnia then sudden bursts of energy featuring hot flushes and sweating. Usually, if a vein on the side of the neck is seen flushed, this is another sign of possible symptoms of andropause.

    Most men are ill-equipped to handle the progressed Sun’s semi-square to the natal. Most don’t know what andropause is much less the meaning of a progressed solar semi-square.

    What’s happening is the reduction of the production of Oxytocin and Leydig cells in the male testes. The hormonal fluxes all exhibit difficulty in adjusting to the start of andropause.

    Other than patience, repose and less stress (all difficult to get in these times) – One cure that works are regular amounts of increased amounts of daily Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C, fresh oranges, lime juice, orange juice) and exercise. Along with proper therapy by a good therapist with astrological knowledge, the condition can be treated and cured.

    The semi-square of the Progressed Sun to the Natal Sun lasts about 2.5 years overall.

    Other progressions of bodies from the nativity will show how the individual will either successfully emerge out of andropause, or how much more difficult they will make it.

    By the age of 48, more or less, depending on the timing of the fourth Jupiter Return, the andropause wanes and a new level of acceptance by the male acquires for the ones who are able to adjust and compensate to balance.

    Again, this depends on the quality of favorable or unfavorable secondary progressions and inclinations of transiting planets that tune to a particular stellar configuration, and most of all, the free will of the male to make the effort.

    However the semi-square of the Sun to natal Sun from 45-48 is generally the onset of andropause for most men.

    Not well known here in the States, it should be well-accepted in 10-12 years so that men can be educated and treated for andropause so that they may return back to holistic health.

    The ‘events’ which take place are often those expressed from what is not being faced internally. However there are physical reasons for the manifestations that play a major role.

    Exercise is also important to return to the male experiencing andropause to health. Therapy, talking things out, also helps, but must be done in combination with physical treatment.

    Along with Vitamin C and oxytocin, the cell salt structure of the male, once cured, will return a sense of center to the male, a return of some balance.

    One of the first signs of health returning is healthy sleep hours, empathy, a calm demeanor and less nervousness with no need to overcompensate potency.

    • April 14, 2011 at 5:48 am

      Theo, thanks for these comments about the progressed Sun semi-square, I will take a closer look at this.

  2. Bonnie from Buffalo April 26, 2011 at 11:54 am

    Thank you for sharing your expertise again regarding Charlie’s chart. Your writing also provoked that educational piece on Andropause by Theo, and am grateful for that as well.
    Charlie’s true love, even before acting, is Baseball. He’s an excellent pitcher and at some point in his past (I wish I knew what year it was so you could see what was going on Astrologically)he taught himself to Bat Left Handed.( He is right handed.)
    As a Body Psychologist,I combine Reflexology, Shiatsu meriians, Acupuncture points, and the Psychology behind 5 Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine to show a direct correlatiion to one’s emotional state. I see his “learning to bat left handed” as an amazing, subliminal attempt to balance both sides of his brain, as well as his emotions.
    I have been studing his behavior: Body Language, Tongue Movement,(after he’s completed a thought)his Word-ology, and of course Body Psychology since 1/11.
    He recently accepted a Tennis Racquet from me along with a lengthy letter that included much of what you verify astrologically. My intention was to encourage him to learn to “serve” both right and left handed while on the tour, to find some balance.
    Is there anything in his Chart that might support my suggestion, as an effective form of Psychological work?
    FYI background info: At 7, he fell asleep in the back of the school bus, was left locked in the school yard, and had to find his way home. At 8, he began stutter. At 9, he spent 9 months in the Phillipines being very affected by his father’s Heart Attack and re-hab.
    In Numerology, Charlie is a 33/6, with th potential to become a Master Teacher. But I told him in the letter, “In order to Lead… we must do the work first!”
    Any Astrological information you can convey, is appreciated.
    Finally, thank you again for what you do all day, every day, all year long that helps people to lead Happier, Healthier, and more Fulfilling Lives.

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