The Passing of Gerald Ford

The death of Gerald Ford is bringing up a lot of interesting emotions. Ford was ridiculed frequently for his habit of falling down, a quirk memorialized by Chevy Chase in Saturday Night Live) and he brought us the dreaded twosome Cheney and Rumsfeld, but the incompetence in the White House of the last six years has made Ford look good. Now it appears that he told journalist Bob Woodward that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake and that Cheney was a good Chief of Staff but made a bad Vice President. (An interesting revelation considering that Mercury (information) was conjunct Pluto (secrets) when the contents of this interview was disclosed.)

Unfortunately, Ford wanted his comments kept secret until after his death. Ford was a Cancer who cared for those he loved, and his Mercury was opposed by Uranus and squared by Mars which shows that he kept his own counsel and was not easily swayed by others. Perhaps his advanced age (he was 93) kept him from speaking out against the current administration or perhaps it was the Cancer loyalty to his party. Either way, it’s tragic to think how different the world would be if those who now disagree with the present White House would have spoken up sooner.

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