aquarius stelliumThis image is an actual gift basket that can be purchased here. Everywhere I look these days I am reminded of 1962. This year marks the 50th anniversary of 1962, so it is an important anniversary and coincides with the Chiron Return. First I wrote a blog post about Demi Moore, born in 1962. A commenter wrote that actress Janine Turner was also born in 1962, and I followed up with a comment of other major stars born in 1962: Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, Matthew Broderick, Ralph Fiennes, Steve Carell, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez, John Hannah (in the UK), Cary Elwes, Joan Cusack, Wesley Snipes, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paula Abdul, Eddie Izzard (Izzard is one of the AquaStell people born in February that year with seven planets and luminaries in Aquarius), Jon Bon Jovi, Rosie O’Donnell, John Stewart, Andrew Braugher. This is the 50th anniversary of some of the major iconic bands from the 1960s, including the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys, two very different bands that had a powerful impact on pop culture. Then yesterday I did a reading for an Aquastell client, a relatively rare event in my practice. And today I find that it’s the 50th anniversary of my favorite book as a child: A Wrinkle in Time. (I wrote about that book here.) In early 1962 there was a lineup of Aquarius planets that at one point featured seven planets within 16 degrees of Aquarius including the Aquarius New Moon on February 5th.  Aquarius is the sign of innovation and urges a departure from that which has been known before.  There was likely an explosion of creative intelligence that erupted during this “Grand Conjunction and although Uranus and Pluto were not yet within range of their conjunction (that didn’t occur until Uranus entered Virgo later in 1962) I believe that the stellium may have stimulated that breakthrough that opened the door for the changes that occurred over the next five years as Uranus and Pluto aligned in Virgo. These Aquastell people (and others born in 1961-1963) are in their Chiron return now.  Because Chiron works on the emotional body and Aquarian types tend to be less comfortable in the emotional realm, the Chiron return can have a variety of manifestations.  Generally, though, a clearing of emotional debris is required in order to achieve the energetic liberation that Aquarius promotes, and the Chiron Return is the perfect time for this to occur. There has been just one other lineup of seven planets since then: in January 1994  seven planets lined up in Capricorn.  This stellium does not seem to have generated many stars, other than Justin Bieber the number of stars born in that year is fairly low. The next planet pileup won’t occur until June 2032 when seven planets will conjoin in Gemini.

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