The return of General Motors: The beginning of a new era

General MotorsI don’t know about you, but all of a sudden I want to buy a new car.  I’ve been looking online, in magazines, in the newspapers – thrilled at the prospect of something shiny and new in the driveway.  This is particularly curious because I have a car that I LOVE – it’s a cool shade of green, nice and luxurious, and it goes great with all of my clothes.

I was telling Rich I couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden I wanted a new car, and then I noticed that every five minutes there is a new car ad on television.  Yes, I AM that susceptible to marketing!

Today marks the return of General Motors to the trading floor of the New York stock exchange.  The conservative press is minimizing the importance of the initial public offering today by General Motors which is selling stock in the company for the first time since it went bankrupt in 2008 as Pluto moved into Capricorn, but so far over $20 billion in stock shares have been sold, bringing the US Treasury’s share of GM stock down to 33% from over 60%.

With Venus and Jupiter both changing direction today and tomorrow, be prepared for reversals of fortune in financial markets.  It’s difficult to predict whether GM’s success will lead to lasting optimism in the markets, but stocks are way up today over the excitement of the return of General Motors.  This euphoria may be induced by today’s challenging square between the Sun and Neptune, which has a tendency to bring out our most fervent fantasies.

I have been predicting that once the “Cardinal Drama” of planetary alignments was behind us, which it is at this time, the general economy would begin to improve.  This may not be true for everyone at once, and Pluto (destruction and rebuilding) will be in Capricorn (governmental and financial structures) for a long time.  It will be quite a while before the dust of the economic collapse of the past two years will settle.  In the meantime, before you go out and buy a car remember the danger of debt, and try not to be sucked in by clever advertising schemes!

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  1. Dawn November 19, 2010 at 4:23 am

    I too suddenly want a new car. I am checking out the new models as I pass the dealerships and salivating over my co-workers new cross over. Deep down I know I don’t really want a another long term payment plan because I have been so excited to be very close to paying my current car off. And buying a new car wont get me any closer to my goal of being debt free either. It cant be the commercials in my case because I don’t watch much T.V. Hhhmmmm….. curious.

  2. Jill November 24, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    Well, I’ve already put $600 into the 2001 Civic for a new a/c fan and engine mount; $480 for new tires, and I’m about to give Teddy on the corner another $600-ish for new brakes and rotors, and new wheel bearings. Some would forget about doing that and just buy a new car, but if it’s a choice right now between a new car and remodeling the downstairs bathroom, I’m doing the bathroom while the contractors are still hungry.

    I do find myself looking at cars in Consumer Reports a lot lately. I like the FIT, but it has a very deep dashboard and I simply cannot see the front of the car. The Mazda 3 is not great on gas. Hyundai doesn’t make a small hatch yet. The Ford Fiesta is cute and after a few years of reliability reports I might look at that. Meanwhile, we’ll keep fixing. Ted’s daughter is cute, so I consider it a donation to her college fund. 🙂

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