Planetary news this week: the Venus/Mars dance October 2017

Venus and Mars begin a new cycle in Virgo in October, symbolizing the eternal dance between feminine and masculine, receptive and assertive, light and dark, negative and positive, yin and yang.

These polarities are interdependent – neither can exist without the other – and they are equal in value.  At times various cultures may ascribe more value to one quality or another (for example, matriarchal cultures may value the peace-seeking qualities of Venus where warrior cultures will value the aggressive energy of Mars), but in their purest form they are equal and balanced.

Finding balance between two polarities is an important part of the astrological symbolism – the twelve zodiac signs consist of six pairs of opposites and each pair requires the other to balance and integrate.  The same is true of Venus and Mars.  Venus is receptive – it represents the force of magnetic attraction.  Under the influence of Venus we attract lovers, money, and other good things, and we learn how to increase that power of attraction by the way in which we interact with the people and things around us.  Mars, however, goes after what it wants.  Mars is the principle of action and motivation, and when the principle of action is thwarted frustration results so Mars also traffics in anger and rage.

In relationships, Venus makes sacrifices for the sake of peace and harmony where Mars seeks personal gratification and the meeting of one’s own needs.  Both are equally important although we sometimes tend to value one over the other.

The conjunction, the meeting of the two planets, is the beginning of a new Venus/Mars cycle.  Like a New Moon, new planetary cycles offer a fresh beginning.  This is an opportunity to find new balance in our relationships – to learn how to ask for what we need if we lean more towards the Venusian side, and to learn to compromise and empathize if we are more Martian in nature.

The current Venus/Mars cycle that begins this week will last through the next conjunction in August 2019.  During that time Venus will retrograde (appear to move backwards) between October 4, 2018 and November 16, 2018, offering an opportunity for a re-do in areas where our efforts to achieve balance have been less successful.

Mars and Venus are often expressed in our relationships with others, but they also are important in our relationship to ourselves.  Just as we strive to balance Mars and Venus in our outer lives, we need also to find that balance within as well.


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  1. Dr. Deb October 3, 2017 at 10:44 am - Reply


    Balance is in everything, if we choose to see it.

    My mentor: Dr. Demartini

    Recognize that nothing is missing in any area of your life and realize that there is never gain or loss only transformation. You will automatically emphasize the area of life that is highest on your values more than those lower. By linking what area that you find least inspiring to the area you find most inspiring you increase the probability of fulfilling this area too.
    For whatever you think is missing in your life – ask what form is it in? It is not missing it is simply in a form you have not recognized. You have every trait and you never gain or lose a trait – though you can change their forms of expression.
    Nothing is missing in you. You are whole. Whatever you see in the most amazing people on earth you have in you in your own unique form already. Honor it by looking deeply at what form it is in. You are truly amazing.

  2. Dr. Deb October 3, 2017 at 12:32 pm - Reply

    The Aries Full Moon on October 5th is going to be helping us come face to face with the obstacles that are holding us back in life. These obstacles, no matter what they may be, are often representations of fear. Sometimes obstacles are necessary as they allow us to weigh up what we really want and what we are willing to do to make it happen. Obstacles also help to direct us on our path. This Aries Full Moon is going to be an obstacle crusher. Whatever obstacles are in your way, this Full Moon is going to help you smash past them and make it to the other side. However, in order to do this, you first have to be willing to surrender and release the fear.

    — Love has Won

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