Venus retrogrades May 16th

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In a summer with lots of astrological news (most notably the upcoming square of Uranus and Pluto), we normally wouldn’t pay much attention to the planet Venus which as one of the more benign planets generally has rather a soft astrological effect. In addition, because it moves so quickly even these soft effects last no longer than a day or so.

However, every 18 months or so Venus turns retrograde and forces us to sit up and take notice to our connections with others, our style of relating, and the ways in which our relationships enrich or destroy our lives. When a planet turns retrograde it appears to move backwards from our perspective, but astrologically it retraces earlier steps and turns our attention back to the past. When Venus is retrograde we may find ourselves thinking of past loves, or hearing from an old friend. We may decide that our relationship patterns are no longer working for us and make changes.

Venus also deals with matters of beauty and aesthetics so we may decide to change our look under this influence. Our values and ability to attract prosperity also falls under the domain of Venus, so Venus retrograde periods (like other retrogrades) often indicate a shift in the financial markets.

Venus is in Gemini right now, and with Gemini highlighting communication and learning this is likely to be a retrograde period full of conversation and the desire to share our experiences and understanding with others. This is a great time for writers and anyone in the field of communication – our plans may not unfold according to our timeline because of the retrograde, but there will be opportunities to revisit areas of communication that perhaps need enhancement or perfecting.

A transit of Venus is a very rare occurrence – we will see only one pair in our lifetime. The first of the pair this time around occurred in June 2004 and the second occurs in June this year (the 6th in the Western hemisphere and the 5th in the Eastern hemisphere where it will be most visible).

(this article will be continued tomorrow)

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  1. Michelle Taylor May 13, 2012 at 12:40 am

    My wedding is set for May 23rd and Venus will be retrograde. Changing the date will be hard and expensive but does it need to be done? Also we have already planned to renew our vows on 9-23-13, will this change anything?

    • May 14, 2012 at 8:20 am

      Hi Michelle, without knowing anything about your own transits I can’t give personal advice. But with Venus Rx in your marriage chart and in Gemini this will almost certainly be a marriage where lots of communication will be helpful and you may find yourselves going back over issues to resolve them. So renewing your vows is a great way to enhance the depth of your commitment.

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