Virgo New Moon: September 15, 2012

Sorry for the light posting over the past few weeks – I’m out of town this week and feeling quite refreshed and ready to get back to blogging! September 15th brings the New Moon in Virgo which highlights Ceres, the former asteroid which was reclassified in 2005. Ceres represents the nurturing of the body and our connection to our own bodies, and Virgo itself presides over the mundane details that we must attend to when we live in a human body. The food we eat, our personal hygiene, ordering the details of life – these are important qualities that Virgo manages and the inclusion of Ceres here makes this New Moon the perfect time to begin a project of self-care or making changes in the personal ecology of our lives to better support ourselves. Cleaning projects, new systems of managing our time and resources – all of these are highlighted under the Virgo New Moon. It is a mistake to believe that VIrgo is virginal – there is an earthiness and sensuality to Virgo just as with all earth signs.  The key here is to integrate that earthiness with our understanding so that we can gain greater comfort as spiritual beings having a human experience. Ceres aligns in a harmonious trine to Saturn and conflicts in a square to Mercury which sets up an interesting dynamic of comfort combined with stress in this relationship between the body and the spirit that culminates at the New Moon.  With this energetic tension at work in new lunar cycle we can discover new ways of looking at our relationship to the world around us – what it means to be incarnated in the physical reality in which we find ourselves. Mercury is also active in the chart of the New Moon since it conjoins the Sun AND rules the sign of Virgo.  The desire to perfect oneself through an understanding of the way the details of life come together are important now. Virgo is firmly grounded in the world and specializes in handling the details of the mundane reality in which we live.  But with such an active Mercury, it will be important to cultivate an awareness on an intellectual level as well as the instinctive realm of experience which Ceres brings to the party. The square between Uranus and Pluto is embedded into the New Moon chart which means that any endeavor begun now will have that transformational quality that Uranus and Pluto demand. It will be necessary to leave something behind and let go of outmoded realities and habits (Pluto) as we shift our energies into something new (Uranus). This New Moon is a turning point.  We are in the middle of the three-year Uranus/Pluto cycle, and the past year has seen a breakdown in many of the outmoded structures which underpin our lives.  At this New Moon there is the potential to carefully examine these circumstances and create a plan for a new way to live in the world and fully activate our own unique potentiality. For daily planetary updates visit my and pages.

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  1. Greg F September 16, 2012 at 11:35 am

    I have been blessed by some wonderful aspects this month, culminating in a move to a new home, free of the crazy Uranian and Plutonian stress of others. This new moon conjuncted my Midheaven exactly, so I believe it signals a major and beneficial change for me and my life. Next month looks even better with Jupiter stationing on my Ceres in the 7th, and my girlfriend’s ascendant.

    Hope some of that good luck follows you too, Lynn as we both celebrate our birthdays next month.

    Happy Sunday!

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