Mercury Turns Retrograde Today

Mercury will shift direction today, beginning its four times a year journey backwards as we revisit areas in our life that require additional attention.
Because Mercury turns our attention to the past and in a more interior direction, often we experience communication problems which is largely due to a lack of focus or attentiveness.  Things can be more confusing, equipment failures can occur (sometimes due to a simple lack of following directions), email and phone systems frequently break down.
If you must sign a contract during this period go ahead and do it, but use extra caution when making agreements and be sure they are in writing if possible.  The inattention of these periods can result in misunderstandings and confusion in negotiations.  And then expect to have to renegotiate at some point in the future.
When we know that Mercury is retrograde these frustrations become less aggravating, because we expect them and understand that they can occur.  These periods (this one lasts until January 15) are wonderful for going back and revisiting unresolved issues from the past, redecorating your home, redoing your website, revisiting your life plan – it’s commonly said that anything with a “re-” prefix is a good idea when Mercury is retrograde.
What you don’t want to do is become paralyzed with fear and afraid to take any action during this period.  Life your life as it comes, but you’ll be prepared and have the resources you need to work through any problem.
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Mars Retro Travel Delays Combine with Mercury Retro Power & Communication Problems


Following up on my article the other day about travel delays corresponding to the retrograde turn of Mars, planet of action and movement, Mercury is now preparing to change direction on Saturday.  When Mercury turns retrograde (planets obviously do not ever move backwards, but occasionally from our perspective on Earth they appear to do so) there are often more incidents of equipment and machinery breakdown as well as communication problems.
Travel difficulties continued yesterday as a big storm in the Mideast knocked out power and caused more delays, and Julie in Boston commented that the public transit system experienced a derailment and weak tunnel wall that caused extensive delays there.  A bridge failure in Florida stranded 800 people yesterday for three hours waiting for a drawbridge to open.
There have also been train accidents, including two that occurred in the Triangle region of North Carolina where I live and one in Ohio, and several in Europe as the result of icy conditions.  .
And now the power and communication problems begin.  An electrical problem outside of New York City forced Amtrak to halt all trains coming in and out of Penn Station between Washington and Boston.  And Blackberry users experienced email outages twice in one week.
Fortunately, the Mars retro effect is diminishing and we should be seeing travel problems ease.  Communication problems, however, are with us for another few weeks.  When we know that Mercury is retrograde we can laugh at communication problems and phone and email failures because we know that Mercury is at work being its old trickster self.  As Julie in Boston wrote in the comments, Mercury has a sense of humor even if Mars doesn’t.
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Religion, Science & the Solstice

I really like that compares the spiritual observation of the Winter Solstice with the observations of science:

Religion and science occupy separate and opposed spheres, no? Not to our distant forebears, from whom all of our illumination festivals derive. They could not afford the facile dichotomy between the sacred […]

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Mars Retrograde Brings Traffic Problems

Mars is the planet that rules action, so it stands to reason that it’s retrograde turn on the 20th would bring transportation problems, and so it did as several parts of the world faced challenging winter conditions:
Four passenger trains broke down in the Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) between France and Britain on Saturday as Mars stood still preparing to change direction, stranding more than 2,000 passengers for hours.
Meanwhile on Monday thousands in the UK were trapped in their cars overnight with more than 20,000 breakdowns noted by the end of the night as the result of a record breaking snowstorm.
It looks like the weather is the likely culprit and not Mars, but it sure is a coincidence!
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More Democrats Believe in Astrology Than Republicans


Thanks to my friends at for finding the study which compares beliefs of Democrats to Republicans: evidently 14% of Republicans “believe in” astrology compared to 31% of Democrats.  I put the words “believe in” in quotes, because astrology isn’t something you believe in.  You see it work, and then you know it’s true.
Republicans tend to be more conservatives than Democrats, and they are much better at conforming to established beliefs which is why they are more effective at passing their agendas than Democrats are.  Democrats are more Uranian, allowing for more diverse views and freedom of thought, which tends to result in a more open mind (although it also creates problems when trying to find a majority in Congress to pass anything).
Another interesting finding is that 30% of Democrats believe in spiritual energy compared with 17% of Republicans. However, 39% of those identifying as liberals believe that yoga is a spiritual practice, but only 30% “believe in” astrology.
White protestant evangelists who attend church weekly were the least likely to “believe in” astrology (only 8%) but 29% of Black Protestants and Catholics expressed belief in astrology.
There’s lots of interesting data here!  
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