Uranus retrogradeYou might want to read about the concept of “higher octave planets” if you missed that post before reading this one. Uranus will turn retrograde early in the morning on the 14th EDT (late morning GMT) and Mercury will turn retrograde late in the evening EDT on the 15th (early morning on the 16th GMT). Planets of course don’t really change direction, but astrology is person-centered. We are the center of our own universe, and that is how we observe the planets astrologically.  Sometimes the movement of the planets appears to retrograde from our perspective on earth, and during those times the operation of those planets functions differently, and usually in a more inward than outward fashion. The outer planets are retrograde for about six months out of every year, and Mercury is retrograde for three weeks four times a year, so these events are not uncommon.  Still, they tend to arrive with a lot of weeping and moaning from the astrocommunity. While it’s true that Mercury retrograde periods can be challenging for planning a trip, coordinating meetings, all kinds of communication equipment including email and voicemail, they are also valuable times to rethink any areas of life where additional processing is required.  Mercury rules the mind and the mental functioning as well as the transmission of information.  Mercury is involved in the learning process, as well as the method through which we communicate our understanding and in retrograde motion our knowledge and awareness of the interconnections in our universe can deepen past the superficial. As the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus elevate the workings of the mind to a superconscious state.  The flashes of insight that come from scientific discovery or personal intuition – those moments of “Eureka” and “Aha” in which we suddenly are aware of a reality that is so absolutely true and certain, yet which has no basis in our previous awareness – this is Uranus at work. As has been said over and over in this column, and will continue to be repeated for the next three years, Uranus and Pluto are locked in a challenging square at the moment.  The retrograde turn of Uranus during this cycle brings Uranus back towards the exact angle to Pluto that will continue to create more upheaval and release as the revolution, both internal and external, continues. Ouranos was the sky god – from his viewpoint in the sky he could see all, and know all.  Thus the Uranian archetype expands Mercury and takes our ability to witness and observe to a higher level.  Under the Uranus influence we have a greater perspective and an ability to see the larger picture. With both Mercury and Uranus turning retrograde within a day of each other, there is a powerful focus now on the way in which we translate what we see in the world into an understanding of it.  Any place in which we are blinded by emotion or a lack of reason will be highlighted now. When Uranus is retrograde we tend to look more closely at areas of our life that need change.  When we’re in a time of great change such as we’re in right now, this can be enervating and inspiring.  It can also be somewhat terrifying if we stare too long into the abyss.  There is a lot of mind and mental activity right now, so any activity you can do to offset that headiness (yoga, swimming, meditation) will be very helpful.

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